Article 1. National Volunteer Awards are an award organized by the Ho Chi

Minh Communist Youth Union and the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program. They are granted to organizations and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in volunteering for the community and national development.

Article 2. Purposes of the Awards

1. To honor, encourage and promote the organizations and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to volunteerism for the community.

2. The award kindles a volunteering spirit, and encourages people of all levels of society and youth to get involved in volunteer activities for community and national development.


Article 3. Objects of the Awards

1. Volunteer organizations

- Agencies, governmental organizations, NGOs which are legally operating in accordance with Vietnamese law; Clubs, groups, teams which have been established for at least 1 year and have at least 3 management coordinators and 20 volunteers and operating regulations signed by a group leader. Foreign organizations must have legal offices that have been operating more than 2 years in Viet Nam.

2. Individuals:

- Vietnamese from 16 years old, is living in Vietnam, or living, working in foreign countries, has at least 2 years of continuous experience working as a volunteer for organizations, clubs and groups in areas of social life; the volunteer activities should be practical and effective for beneficiaries and the community, and contribute to national development.

- Foreigners from 18 years old who have been volunteering in Viet Nam for at least 1 year, working for an organization which holds legal status or a branch allowed to operate in Viet Nam; the volunteer activities should be practical and effectively contribute to improvement of the quality of life of the Vietnamese people.

Article 4. Voting criterions

1. For organization:

- Structure, human resources, administration: have streamlined and logical structure, clear functions and missions; have clear oriented plans and stable operations to ensure development; maintain and develop their members.

- Performance: implement many volunteer programs, and bring great value to community and national development. Activities and programs should be closely attached to practical community issues in a sustainable way, especially disadvantaged places and cases.

- Development prospects: have clear vision, long term oriented plan and have considerable concern in solving specific social issues that suit their strength and capability. Their oriented plans in the upcoming years should be feasible and able to bring significant changes to the community.

- Volunteer initiatives and models: The Volunteer National Awards highly regard new and effective volunteer models that are easily replicated in many localities and offer creativity and innovation in implementing and deploying. Breakthrough volunteer models and initiatives are ultimately prioritized.

2. For individuals :

- Community spirit: Individuals with great enthusiasm and responsibility for community activities, willing to contribute, share experiences, inspire enthusiasm in other people.

- Performance: Individuals devoted to volunteering for the community. Demonstrating roles of initialization, management and leadership, creativity in organizing effective activities to inspire the community and adolescents’ participation and bringing the greatest value to beneficiaries will be appreciated.

- Vision, future orientation: Individuals who are deeply aware of community issues; have long-term oriented plans to make specific changes and contribute to the sustainable development of the community.

- Volunteer initiatives and models: The Volunteer National Awards highly regard new and effective volunteer models that are easily replicated in many localities and offer creativity and innovation in implementing and deploying. Breakthrough volunteer models and initiatives are ultimately prioritized.


Article 5. Number of awards Awards granted by the General Voting Committee, including

+ 10 awards for outstanding volunteer organizations

+ 10 awards for the best individuals.

- Auxiliary awards include:

+ Award for the individual that receives most votes through the Internet;

+ Award for the organization that receives most votes through the Internet;

+ Award for the agency nominating most candidates. Article 6. Reward

1. Awards of General Voting Committee:

- 10 awards for outstanding volunteer organizations: each prize includes an award certificate issued by the Viet Nam Central Youth Union, order of merit, Certificate of Merit issued by the Viet Nam Central Youth Union; cash or in kind.

- 10 awards for Best Volunteers: each prize includes an award certificate issued by

Viet Nam Central Youth Union, order of merit, Certificate of Merit issued by the Viet Nam Central Youth Union; cash or in-kind.

2. Auxiliary awards

+ Award for the organization that receives most votes through the Internet: cash or in kind; award certificate, Certificate of Merit issued by the Vietnam Youth Union.

+ Award for the individual that receives most votes through the Internet: each

prize includes an award certificate issued by Viet Nam Central Youth Union, order of merit, Certificate of Merit issued by the Viet Nam Central Youth Union; cash or in-kind

+ Award for the agency nominating most candidates: cash or in kind.


Article 7. Nomination and registration

1. Nomination

- Ministries, provinces, Youth Union, Viet Nam Youth Federation and its branches, United Nations agencies and the Organizing Committee directly submit a list of nominated candidates, based on . Each nominates at least 3 candidates.

- Other organizations, institutions introduce, aggregate and send a list of nominations to the Organizing Committee. The number of nominations is not limited.

- Organizations and individuals who want to introduce themselves can download registration documents on the website or, and send directly to the Organizing Committee:

- The application period annually is from 01/10 to 31/10

2. Application documents:

- Letter of reference of agency or organization who nominates candidate (if applicable)

- Detailed information form individual/organization (Form 01)

- Report of achievement individual/organization (Form 02)

- Articles, reference and recommendation from individuals or organizations who have are beneficiaries of the volunteer programs and activities nominated (if applicable)

- 01 photo sized 4 x 6 cm, and 03 photos of volunteering activities sized 210mm x 297mm (A4) (for individuals), 03 photos sized 210mm x 297mm of volunteering activities of organizations, clubs, groups, teams in 2016 (for organizations). All photos should be noted with captions (about 10 lines specifying name of individual/organization, name/type of activity, time, location...). Only photos which are captured in nominated year are allowed.

- Video clips (less than 10 minutes) featuring volunteer activities in the year of the Awards are encouraged.

- All the application forms must be fulfilled in Vietnamese, Times New Roman font and size 14, character set Unicode, input method Telex.

- Subject of application forms or email must be clear: Nominating for National Volunteer Award.

- Individuals and organizations who apply for National Volunteer Award must be responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of information. The Organizing Committee has rights to withdraw the decision if there is any violation. Final decision belongs to the General Voting Committee.

3. Agency receiving documents:

- Vietnam Volunteer Center (VVC)

- 64 Ba Trieu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

- Tel: 04.6263.1884; Fax: 04.6263.0111;

- Email:;

- Website: ;

Social media:

Article 8. Short-listing and online voting process 

Based on the applications/nominations, the Organizing Committee selects applications which do not violate regulations. Followings are steps to select applications to the National Voting Round.

- Step 1: Number the applications.

- Step 2: Publish the list of eligible organizations and individuals, and allow online voting on the Awards’ official website. The voting period lasts for 15 days, starts no later than November 5 and finishes no later than November 20 every year.

- Step 3: The Organizing Committee selects 40 nominees (20 organizations and 20 individuals) to submit to the National Voting Committee, of which 20 most voted online nominees (10 organizations and 10 individuals) and 20 others (10 organizations and 10 individuals) are selected by the Organizing Committee.

Article 9. National Voting Committee

- National Voting Committee is established by Secretary of Viet Nam Youth Union. The Committee includes representatives of Ho Chi Minh Communist Central Youth Union , Vietnam Youth Federation, UNV and the agencies involved.

- Based on regulations and criteria, the National Voting Committee will work collectively by exchanging ideas, discussing, evaluating, and comparing to decide the

awards National Voting Committee to decide by a majority vote, in case of equal number of votes, awards shall be decided according to the opinion of the Chairman of the Committee. 

Article 10. Awards Ceremony

- The National Volunteer Award Ceremony is held in December or the first week of January annually. An announcement will be sent to awarded organizations and individuals regarding the time and venues of the event. The ceremony is formally and thoroughly organized depending on practical conditions.


Article 11. Implementation

1. The Secretariat of the Central Youth Union establishes the Organizing

Committee. The Department of Youth Gathering and Solidarity and Vietnam Volunteer Center are assigned as the standing units and hold the responsibility to coordinate with UNV Field Unit Vietnam to implement the National Volunteer Awards following the regulations by the Central Executive Committee of the Youth Union.

2. Standing unit is responsible to cooperate with relevant agencies and organizations to deliver excellent communications and propagating activities as well as other activities to promote volunteerism in the occasion of the Awards.

3. This regulation becomes effective from date of signing. During the implementation, amendments should be collected and reported to the Secretariat of the Central Youth Union by the Organizing Committee for consideration and final decisions.


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