3ce mood recipe matte lip color, 115 reviews 2021


I am so so behind on my lipstichồng đánh giá, so after doing a bunch in December, I figured I could keep the train rolling và continue lớn post about some lipsticks I tried in the past year that I would like khổng lồ update you on. At the start of 20đôi mươi I tried out a full face of Korean/ Asian makeup and part of that were of course some lipsticks. I picked up 1 lipstick by 3CE: a brand I had been hearing great things about for years. So how did I get on with their Mood Recipe Matte lipstichồng in Mellow Flower?

Review: 3CE Mood Recipe 2 Matte Lipstiông chồng đánh giá in Mellow Flower

Out of all the products I ordered for my full face of Asian makeup, the 3CE lipstiông xã was by far one of the most expensive sầu items. I ordered all the products from YesStyle: a Hongkong based webshop that ships internationally and quite possibly the easiest way khổng lồ access Asian makeup products if you live in a different continent. 3CE is a more high over Korean makeup brvà and the original price point on this lipstiông chồng is €34. That is similar to lớn a Charlotte Tilbury lipstiông chồng. However, YesStyle often does sales & I got this at around half price. I think I paid just over €15 for this lipstiông chồng.

What does this lipstick have sầu to lớn offer?

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Can you see how pretty this is? Yes, on me it looks like a soft red shade but I can see myself wearing this in so many ways. Here I am wearing the lipstichồng full on with two swipes khổng lồ achieve full opacity. However I could easily apply this with a finger for that very Asian soft barely there look.

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This lipstiông chồng seems lớn be made for that technique (watch Lisa Eldridge bởi her lipstick in some of her tutorials, she’s got some great tips on how to get more versatility out of your lipsticks) but I can also see myself wearing this this with just one swipe và really blotting it down. In short, this is just one lipstiông chồng, but I think with using different techniques you can turn this into three different looks very easily.

My final thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised by the 3CE Matte lipstiông xã in Mellow Flower. While the shade was not exactly what I had expected when I ordered it, I ended up really liking it. This is the kind of shade that I can see myself wearing a lot. It is a great reddish tone for those people who lượt thích reds, but are afraid of a full on fire engine red. So if you lượt thích something wearable, yet versatile this may be worth looking inlớn. It lasts a full day yet also feels creamy on the lips while having a matte texture. In short, it combines everything I love sầu into one little lipstichồng.

Would I recommkết thúc the 3CE Mood Recipe lipstick in Mellow Flower?

Most certainly yes! I would get it on sale though, because I vày think the €34 price point is a bit steep. Especially because the swatches online are a bit misleading you may not kết thúc up with the shade you had expected lượt thích I did. However, in terms of formula, wear time, & versatility this is a great lipstiông chồng that I think can please a lot of people.

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