As an avid sunscreen người, I decided to try the A’pieu pure block sunscreen after a recommendation from my sister.

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Korean sunscreens have sầu a special place in my heart because they have a lightweight consistency & are available for an extremely affordable price. Since I wear sunscreen everyday, I refuse lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with any heavy or greasy sunscreens because they feel gross. Here’s my đánh giá of the A’pieu pure bloông chồng sunscreen to lớn find out if it lives up to the lightweight & affordable hype of K-beauty sunscreens:


This A’pieu sunscreen has a very lightweight và hydrating consistency. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, then you probably know how picky I am about sunscreen. This sunscreen passes the vibe check! It wears wonderfully over my moisturizer without any pilling. It works really well with my dry skin và the Inniskhông lấy phí ginger honey cream I’ve sầu been using. I love the dewy glow! This sunscreen easily makes my top favorite sunscreens các mục along with the Biore watery essence sunscreen. 


Type of Sunscreen

The A’pieu pure bloông chồng sunscreen is a chemical sunscreen which means the active sầu ingredients absorb the UV rays so they don’t penetrate và damage the skin. This A’pieu sunscreen uses an ingredient called butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane (that word really slips off the tongue, doesn’t it?) which is another name for avobenzone.

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Chemical sunscreens like this one don’t leave a white cast so they are friendly for all skin tones. This sunscreen has an SPF of 45 so it fits within the dermatologist recommended SPF of 30-50. This sunscreen felt very light on the skin và I had no issues with a White cast on my medium toned skin.

Highlighted Ingredients

Aloe Vera- to soothe & hydrate

Watermelon- khổng lồ hydrate

Berry Blossom Complex- to lớn brighten và protect from pollution



The A’pieu pure bloông chồng sunscreen has a light citrusy scent that is quite pleasant. I’ve noticed that many Korean sunscreens have sầu more of a citrus scent compared khổng lồ the weird chemical scent of Western sunscreens. I can smell the sunscreen upon application, but the scent fades quickly so I bởi vì not think it would be irritating lớn any who are sensitive to lớn strong fragrances. 

How does it perform under makeup?

This sunscreen performs wonderfully with makeup. There’s nothing I hate more than my skincare or makeup pilling off my face. Whether I am just spot concealing for the day or wearing a full face of makeup, this sunscreen works well as a base for any makeup products that I’m using. 



Alright, here’s the exciting part! The A’pieu pure bloông chồng sunscreen retails for (*drumroll*) $10! Like I said earlier, this is easily one of the best sunscreens I’ve ever tried and it only makes it better that it’s so affordable. I bought this sunscreen at Amazon for $7, but sometimes I feel sketched out buying skincare on Amazon after seeing a video from the Wallstreet Journal on Amazon sellers who dumpster dive. It’s up to lớn you lớn choose where to lớn buy it so here’s the links: Amazon, YesStyle, and Walmart (interesting that Walmart is carrying Korean skincare now…)

I hope you have a chance lớn give this sunscreen a try because it easily makes my list of favorite sunscreens ever! Have you ever tried Korean sunscreen?