Abs stimulator có tốt không

Medically reviewed by Daniel Bubnis, M.S., NASM-CPT, NASE màn chơi II-CSS, Fitness — By Zawn Villines on June 30, 2020

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Fitness websites & social media serve up a steady helping of advertisements for ab stimulators. These devices promise lớn strengthen the abdominal muscles via electrical stimulation. While ab stimulators can force the abdominal muscles to lớn contract, they will not burn fat or cause significant weight loss.

Very little research has assessed how well ab stimulators work for toning muscles. We look at the evidence to support their use và explain alternative ways to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

What is an ab stimulator, và how does it work? 

Share on PinterestAlthough ab stimulators can contract the abs, using one is not an effective way lớn burn fat or tone muscle.
Doctors & physical therapists have used electrical devices to treat injured or paralyzed muscles for decades. Functional electrical stimulation (FES) uses an electrical pulse lớn force muscles to lớn contract. By doing this, it prevents muscle wasting & encourages blood flow to the muscles. It may also help repair damage.

More recently, ab stimulator manufacturers have begun selling these devices to lớn the general public. Some companies claim that their devices tư vấn weight loss or build strong ab muscles without requiring exercise. However, there is no evidence that a muscle stimulator can substantially change a person’s body.

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulate these devices as medical devices, but some manufacturers — especially outside the United States — now sell unregulated devices.

Is it effective? 

FES works well as a physical therapy tool for people with serious muscle injuries.

For example, a doctor might recommend ab stimulation following a spinal cord injury to lớn restore some abdominal muscle function và help a person breathe on their own. A năm 2016 review of 14 previous studies found that, following FES, people with spinal cord injuries were better able khổng lồ breathe on their own than those acting as controls.

There is less evidence that abdominal stimulators can train the abs in people seeking increased muscle strength, better posture, or a slimmer waistline. The limited research that has looked at these devices has reported very small changes that were insufficient lớn change a person’s appearance significantly.

For example, a 2005 study followed 24 adults who did no exercise but used ab stimulators 5 days per week for 8 weeks. Each session lasted for 20–40 minutes. The researchers compared them with 16 adults who neither used ab stimulators nor did any ab exercises for the study period.

The study group had a 58% increase in ab strength, which the team measured using an isokinetic dynamometer. A curl-up thử nghiệm showed that these individuals had a 100% increase in abdominal endurance, compared with a 28% increase in the control group.

The study group also had an average 3.5-centimeter (1.4-inch) decrease in waist circumference. All 24 people in the stimulation group said that their abs were more toned, và 54% reported that their posture had improved. The control group did not report similar outcomes và had no reduction in waist circumference.

These findings suggest that ab stimulators might improve strength & posture while offering a very small change in waist size. However, the study was very small, and researchers have not replicated it. Therefore, it is impossible to lớn draw strong scientific conclusions about the effectiveness of ab stimulators.

A more recent study involving trained athletes found that 12 weeks of FES did not increase the form size of the abdominal muscles.

Although the evidence that ab stimulators work well for toning the muscles is weak, FDA-regulated stimulators are safe to try.

Ab stimulators cannot burn fat. Lớn burn fat, a person must create a calorie deficit, using more calories through exercise & movement than they eat each day. Even when ab stimulators vì chưng slightly strengthen muscles, therefore, a person will not notice a difference in their appearance if they are not also burning fat.

Some of the most popular ab stimulators are available online, with reviewers promising rapid results và significant changes in body toàn thân shape.

However, many of these đánh giá are fake. People should be especially mindful of short reviews, đánh giá that make extreme claims, & reviewers who have not reviewed other products or leave five stars for every product. Fakespot and ReviewMeta are examples of sites that can help with detecting kém chất lượng online reviews.

Most ab stimulators are adhesive pieces of cloth that a person sticks to their abs. Each portion of the cloth delivers an electric current to lớn the abdominal muscles, causing contractions that a person might not even feel.

Some stimulators are belts that require no adhesive và wrap around the body. These may stimulate only the abs, or they might also stimulate the back.

A few stimulators offer apps to track progress, & most allow a user to adjust the intensity of muscle contractions. The stimulator should not hurt, sting, or burn, and it should not cause muscle spasms.

Purchase ab stimulators here.

People who wish to improve their posture or address muscle injuries should consider physical therapy. A physical therapist offers targeted exercises và massage. They may also recommend electrical stimulation to lớn improve muscle health.

People seeking a more muscular bộ vi xử lý core or a trimmer waistline should focus on two goals:

Burning fat by creating a caloric deficit

A person must use more calories than they eat to lớn create a deficit. Increasing their activity cấp độ — with both intense exercise and more overall movement, such as by walking each day — can help a person gradually burn fat, including on the stomach.

Strengthening the abdominal muscles with targeted exercises

These exercises will not burn fat, but they can improve posture & core strength while making the muscles more visible as a person loses toàn thân fat. According khổng lồ an American Council on Exercise study, the three most effective ab exercises are the bicycle, the crunch on an exercise ball, & the captain’s chair.

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