The face shop air cotton makeup base review

It"s another first for me. It"s true I"ve reviewed other products that could act as a primer as a secondary use, like the cushions, powder, creams, but never a product whose sole use was a primer. It is a hàng hóa which already made a guest appearance in one my previous posts (See HOLIDAYS SERIES: Hitting the Beach-What"s in my makeup pouch?).

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It"s THEFACESHOP Air cốt tông Makeup Base SPF 30 PA++, which I bought for Rs 195, which is very affordable. It was available in two types only 01 Mint & 02 Lavender. The 01 Mint is lớn neutralise redness & for acne prone skin, while 02 oải hương is to lớn brighten the skin tone. That"s what the sales rep told me.

Before actually going lớn the store, I already knew I would over up buying the 01 Mint as I knew green based makeup neutralises redness & hell, I have redness, blemishes và acne on my face. Also, it has SPF 30 ++ (Bring it on Scorching Mauritian Sun!!!), which is reasonable but maybe not enough. Always better than nothing.The package is really simple, white & a tint of mint green. It looks pretty much like pharmaceutical stuffs rather than packaging for a makeup base. I"ve seen other packaging for primers & they are usually minimalist in that area. (I wonder why?). It doesn"t come in a packaging box và is sealed in a plastic film like most THEFACESHOP tube-like products. What it does
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Close-up on Ingredients và instructions
It"s supposed lớn be used after right after skincare & as the first step while applying makeup.
When I first squirted the product in my hand, I thought it looked lượt thích toothpaste or mint froyo. Too much sản phẩm came out which was quite a bother since a lot of hàng hóa is not required for the whole face. It was mint green and I apprehended the fact that my face might looked like I had one of those green clay face masks on. It has a very subtle mint smell.

Blended in, my skin looks paler
This one is my hand taken with flash photography. Ok, it might look that there isn"t much difference. But the primer does make my skin more glowy & dewy, less matte if you prefer. I"m a ghost with flash photography whichever way :P On my face it looks worse.

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However, the sản phẩm is magic. Don"t be fooled by the packaging. My face wasn"t mint green lượt thích Jim Carrey in The Mask. Lol It blended well into my skin và was absorbed like real quick, leaving it moisturised, dewy và glowy. It is not sticky at all and I don"t really feel any thickness on my skin. Regarding redness, my skin tone was uniform & even. The primer stays on for a long time và makes my makeup lasts as well. Wore it to lớn a whole-day sự kiện at work today :) Did a pretty good job. Moreover, it doesn"t break me out later on.
My main qualm, however, is that it does leave a white cast on my face. Under standard lighting or sunlight, it"s alright to lớn wear it. My face looks even và normal, maybe a little whiter than usual. To lớn be honest, I"d look like a Chinese tourist in Mauritius & I"m very often mistaken with one. However, even with layers of makeup, my face looks lượt thích I got a flour bomb on my face in dim light or like a ghost with flash photography.I"d rather not use cushion makeup or add sunscreen with that. It would accentuate the trắng cast, unless you wanna go all out with the K-pop look (LOL). In any case, be careful when you take pictures with that primer on your face.
Texture-wise, it is a good primer but appearance-wise, I had lớn learn to tame it (haha). Lớn really blend it well, I use one of my air puffs & use a little amount only. In Mauritius, having white and pale skin is not that trendy, among Mauritian Chinese. They prefer tanned skin. But this is changing gradually among K-drama & K-pop fans. I never managed to get tanned easily anyways.
I surely won"t recommend it for darker complexions. It is sad that there no primers that could suit all complexions in that line. It is most suitable for paler complexions (like real pale), unfortunately. But I guess it"s made on purpose. Vì Koreans love having a trắng cast on their face? But they vì chưng prefer their face looking really white. For an effective use of that product, do use an air puff or blender instead of your fingers.