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Cardi B pulled a Beyoncé at Sunday's BET Awards - using her performance with Migos to reveal she's expecting a second baby with her partner, Offphối.

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The big announcement was confirmed shortly afterwards with an Instagram post, simply captioned "#2".

Cardi won two prizes at the ceremony, best đoạn phim & best collaboration, for WAP - a duet with Megan Thee Stallion.

The BET (Blaông chồng Entertainment TV) Awards, which celebrate achievements by blaông xã artists, was this year based on the theme, "Year of the Black Woman".

"Celebrating blaông chồng women isn't a fad or a trover, it's a forever mood," said actress and host Taraji Phường Henson as she opened the ceremony.

"There is more than enough room for all of us to lớn thrive, because can't notoàn thân be like me and can't nobody be you lượt thích you."

She also picked up best female hip-hop artist for the second year in a row; & the viewer's choice award for Savage - her collaboration with Beyoncé.


Rap pioneer Queen Latifah was given the lifetime achievement award, & held back tears as her peers Lil' Klặng, MC Lyte & Monie Love sầu performed a medley of her hits.

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Accepting her prize, Latifah thanked BET for "creating an outlet for beautiful blackness khổng lồ thrive, khổng lồ shine.

"When we couldn't get played on the radio in other places, we couldn't get our videos played in other places, there was BET that allowed us lớn be in our fullness."

The star also brought a photo of her late mother on to lớn the stage, saying: "I've always celebrated women because I was raised by a strong blaông xã woman".

British singer Bree Runway won best new international act; while Nigeria's Burmãng cầu Boy took best international act for the third year in a row.

Elsewhere, Lil Baby took best male hip-hop artist for the first time, while H.E.R. beat 10-time winner Beyoncé in the best female R&B category.

The late Chadwichồng Boseman was named best actor, while Judas và the Blaông xã Messiah was named best movie - although neither award was handed out during the televised portion of the ceremony.

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The show also had its chia sẻ of meme-worthy moments, from Lil Nas X's onstage kiss with one of his backup dancers, khổng lồ Tyler, The Creator battling a hurricane khổng lồ deliver his new single Lumberjaông xã.

image captionStars including Busta Rhymes (centre) và Method Man (right) performed a tribute to late rapper DMX

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