Canon Sx610 Hs Review


Get the Canon SX610 HS if you"re looking for an easy-to-use and relatively cheap point-and-shoot.

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ByTheano Nikitaspublished 19 July 16

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While not as robust as other compact point-and-shoots, the inexpensive SX610 HS is easy khổng lồ use và takes good đoạn phim.

ForEasy to lớn useSmile and blink detectionQuiet zoom for videoBuilt-in Wi-FiBuilt-in image stabilization

While not as robust as other compact point-and-shoots, the inexpensive sầu SX610 HS is easy khổng lồ use & takes good Clip.


Easy khổng lồ use


Smile and bliên kết detection


Quiet zoom for video


Built-in Wi-Fi


Built-in image stabilization

Slender and stylish, the 18-megapixel Canon PowerShot SX610 HS may lack the manual exposure modes of other point-and-shoots, but this slender camera is incredibly easy to lớn use — a real bonus for those who want lớn shoot & chia sẻ đoạn phim with no muss và no fuss. And this $230 camera has some nifty tricks up its sleeve, too.


Available in red, silver và blaông xã, the SX610 HS looks as good as it feels in your h&. It measures 4.15 x 2.40 x 1.05 inches và weighs a mere 6.74 ounces with battery và SD thẻ. A small, raised grip on the front and a textured thumb rest provide a sturdy grip when you grab the camera from your pocket or purse. Controls are low-profile, though, and blkết thúc in on the red model.

A high-resolution, 3-inch LCD delivers a 100 percent view of your composition, & the camera"s wide viewing angle allows you to easily show off your images on screen. The display is bright, clear và works well in all but the brighchạy thử sunlight.

Although other compact cameras, such as the Nikon Coolpix S9900, have sầu longer lenses, the SX610 HS" image-stabilized 18x zoom (25-450milimet equivalent) offers enough focal range for both wide-angle & telephoto shots. Shift into Macro mode, and you can focus as cthua kém as 2 inches.


Simpliđô thị is the SX610 HS" strong suit, with its modest set of exposure options, such as Program, Aukhổng lồ and a handful of scene modes. White balance, ISO and other parameters, including metering, are user-selectable.

(Image credit: f/3.8 1/3đôi mươi sec, ISO 100; f/3.8 1/80 sec, ISO 100 Credit: Theano Nikitas)

But dig a little deeper, and you"ll find some interesting options beyond the basics.

There"s a Creative shot mode that automatically shoots a half-dozen images with one press of the shutter, applying various special effects & crops. You can see a couple of examples below.

(Image credit: f/13 1/320 sec, ISO 80, EV =1.33 Credit: Theano Nikitas)

You can also choose individual special effects, such as Sepia (shown below), Monochrome, Toy camera và others. A Digest mode captures 2-4 seconds of video clip right before you capture an individual frame, and automatically compiles the clips into lớn a short movie. Other options include smile and wink detection, which, when mix, automatically snaps a shot when a person smiles or winks.

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(Image credit: f/4.5 1/100 sec, ISO 80 Credit: Theano Nikitas)

Other features of note include the ability lớn automatically enlarge the focus area while shooting lớn ensure sharp images. The camera can also alert you to lớn when a subject"s eyes are closed. Playbachồng tìm kiếm options allow you to easily find images with search options for faces, shot date and favorites.


The SX610 HS is not the faschạy thử camera in its class, with a relatively slow start-up time. But the camera is fairly responsive and, in high speed continuous mode, can shoot up khổng lồ 7.2 frames per second. Autofocus in good light is generally fast và accurate but can struggle a bit under low-light conditions.

Overall, color reproduction is realistic, but if you prefer more-intense colors, kiểm tra out the optional Vivid setting. The green foliage in the garden shot (see below) is a good example of the SX610 HS" color accuracy và intensity.

(Image credit: f/4.0 1/800 sec, ISO 100 Credit: Theano Nikitas)

The camera seems lớn favor adjusting shutter tốc độ over aperture even when set khổng lồ the lowest ISO of 80, as in this brightly lit scene. I noticed purple fringing along the high-contrast edge of the shadow in the below image, but this occurred only occasionally.

(Image credit: f/4.5 1/800 sec, ISO 80 Credit: Theano Nikitas)

Given the camera"s effective sầu image stabilization, I kept the ISO low in this museum shot và easily held the camera by hvà with the shutter tốc độ at 1/80th second. With this camera"s ISO range of 80-3200, it"s best khổng lồ keep the ISO as low as possible, to lớn avoid image noise, while also making use of the SX610 HS" IS.

(Image credit: f/3.8 1/80 sec, ISO 100 Credit: Theano Nikitas)


I was happy with Clip captured with this little camera. Its one-button-push simple, colors & focus are accurate, with generally smooth and quiet zooming. There"s even a special dynamic-image-stabilization mode meant for đoạn Clip captured while you"re walking.

MVI 0095 Full HD 19đôi mươi x 1080 30fps Credit: Theano Nikitas

While the SX610 HS may not have sầu fancy specs for its movie mode, lượt thích what the Nikon Coolpix S9900 or the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX500 have, the key lớn this Canon is its ease of use. You can shoot full in HD (19trăng tròn x 1080), HD (1080 x 720), standard definition (640 x 480) — both at 30fps — as well as miniature effect mode. You don"t even have khổng lồ try to figure out what format khổng lồ shoot in; the SX610 HS saves everything in the easily edited & shared MP4 format.

If you download Canon"s không tính phí Camera Connect tiện ích for iOS or Android, you can transfer the đoạn Clip files from the camera lớn your phone using Wi-Fi, và edit and mô tả the files from there.

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Battery Life

The SX610HS" battery life maxes out at about 270 images (400 if you"re in Eteo mode), which is about average for most compact cameras but more than 100 shots less than what the Nikon S9900 can cover.

Bottom Line

It"s the keep-it-simple principle that makes the Canon PowerShot SX610 HS so appealing for those who prefer a no-fuss, no-muss approach khổng lồ photography, especially for video, which can be overly complicated lớn shoot, edit and nội dung. If you"d rather have sầu more control over your đoạn Clip and still images, check out the Nikon S9900 or the Sony WX500. And for $50 more, the Canon PowerShot SX6trăng tròn HS offers a longer, 25-625mm zoom và a trăng tròn.2MP sensor. But if you want khổng lồ save sầu a few bucks & are looking for a camera that"s easy khổng lồ use, the SX610 HS is a good buy.

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