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I know people who love this product & swears by it, I also know people who bởi vì not lượt thích this product as well. But I was pretty intrigued by it for various reasons. Today, I"m going to be talking the Face It Aura CC CreamSPF 30, PA ++ from the brand The Face Shop. I got mine in the shade 01 Radiant Beige.

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Face It CC Cream is a colour-controlling cream that brightens your complexion và keeps your morning makeup intact without any darkening.Colour Control Cream that makes a radiant & clear makeup appearance as if the skin is being spotlightedIt has a triple functional cosmetic abilities of wrinkle care, whitening and sunscreen.It claims to:Creates radiant & brighter skin toneDarkening-proof formula (12h long-lasting)Silver Vine Complex: skin brightening effect

Pump 1-2 times to lớn release the formulaAfter skincare, apply evenly inlớn face in a light tapping motion using the enclosed CC puffDo the same for the touch-ups
Press the center of bottom of the container gently with both thumbsPress up the bottom of the container with the hands. Separate the releases inner containerReplace by inserting a new refill container inkhổng lồ the outer container



I actually really reallylove this product. And the first reason why I love this sản phẩm is because of its coverage. I know there are some people who dislượt thích this sản phẩm for this very reason but this is one of the reasons why I love sầu this hàng hóa. I"ve said this before but I have sầu a lot of scarring left behind from when I had bad hormonal acne. As such, I usually go for products which are higher in coverage because I can"t be bothered lớn giảm giá with concealers on most days. Also, it is much easier to spot conceal than to lớn try và conceal a huge area (my cheeks) so products with higher overall coverage save me the hassle. This CC Cream offers medium to lớn full coverage which I like, but if this isn"t your thing, then it is something to lớn note.The second reason is probably how this cc cream looks on my face. The first day I used this, everyone at work commented on the fact that my face looked a lot fresher và brighter than normal & they asked if I did something different with my makeup. I didn"t change a single thing from both my skin care or makeup routine except for this hàng hóa so I definitely have lớn say that this is the reason for the many compliments. I didn"t vày any highlighting on that day itself if you were wondering.

This is also probably one of the more aesthetically pleasing cushion foundations out there simply because it comes in the loveliest shade of pink. I"m a sucker for most things pink so this is definitely a plus point for me.Also, the packaging is amazing. I know that there are people who vì not like cushion foundations because they find it unhygienic to press the makeup sponge into the cushion to piông chồng up sản phẩm. Well, the good news is that the sản phẩm is dispensed by pressing a small "button" at the bottom of the compact & the sản phẩm comes out from a small hole in the center. As such, it totally erases the unhygienic factor và you can wash the sponge after every use if you wish to lớn vì chưng so.

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This cc cream gives off a really pleasant scent và this is something which I really appreciate. While I"m not usually particular about the scents of makeup products, I never say no khổng lồ products which smell great. My sister really likes this scent as well!Now, on khổng lồ what I don"t really lượt thích about this product. I realise that it tends to lớn become cakey on my face after maybe 4-5 hours. My face isn"t the oiliest & most foundations/BB creams vày not turn cakey on my face so I"m not particularly sure why this sản phẩm tends khổng lồ cake up on my T-Zone area. I know it does not clayên ổn to vì chưng so but it does not help control sebum (which leads khổng lồ caking anyway) so if you have sầu oily skin, this sản phẩm probably isn"t for you.

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I forgot to take photos of my skin with this cc cream when I took the photos of the product but I used it during my most recent trip to lớn Korea so these are the photos of it on my face.
PROS:Medium to lớn full coverageDoes not feel heavy on my skinHygienic way of dispensing productSmells really goodBrightens up skin toneComes in a lovely pink packagingNatural finishIsn"t drying on my skinDoesn"t irritate my skinDoesn"t cause break outs
Regardless of the cons, I still really lượt thích this product and I would definitely repurchase this. In fact, I already have sầu a backup refill for it hehe. If you have dry-combination skin, definitely give sầu this product a shot because it really made a difference on the appearance of my skin whenever I use it!

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