Charlotte tilbury matte revolution love liberty, my review


Today, let’s talk about a lipstick. Because, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? winkBut it’s not just any lipstick…

Charlotte Tilbury, the English star makeup artist launched her own makeup brand last year.If you don’t know her, here is Charlotte Tilbury: (on the left in the photo above) (she posed with a girlfriend of her, I don’t know who she is ;))


Charlotte Tilbury has worked for a long time in the fashion industry (catwalks backstages, prestigious fashion magazines, advertising campaigns…) as a makeup artist before launching her Youtube channel and her blog in 2012 . Then, she created her own eponymous brand in 2013, distributed only in the UK initially, & a few weeks ago in the States. Of course, you can also find her products online.

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And you definitely want to lớn try her products because:– the quality of the products is incredible: gorgeous màu sắc pigmentation và very well thought through formulas,– the packaging is insanely beautiful: a retro look, very “old Hollywood” và everything is in “rose gold”, needless to lớn say that it’s sublime,– the products names are just so fun và sexy (who doesn’t want a lipstick called Bitch Perfect, really?) and you can also sometimes find some very cool music references (a very special mention khổng lồ the blush Love is the drug, Roxy Music for ever)(yes, I know, this blush looks lượt thích a boob, & yes, I think it’s totally on purpose)– the sets of products with her “looks signatures” which are all super sexy và appealing,– Charlotte herself advises us khổng lồ apply her products in her very useful đoạn clip tutorials, và makes you feel lượt thích your own makeup artist.

The products are definitely not cheap & they are quite difficult khổng lồ find if you’re living outside the UK. In Dubai, you can only order the products online at the moment, but something tells me we should be able lớn find it here soon (a super luxury brand with that kind of “bling” packaging, I think it should be quite popular over here ;)).

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In the meantime, I saw the other day that the brand was available on Net-a-porter, so I finally ordered my very first Charlotte Tilbury product..

Obviously, it had to lớn be a lipstick. Because , well, I think by now everybody has understood that I’m a real lipstick addict, và also because I was very curious of this specific lipstick formula.

Even Charlotte agrees with me! ;)She thinks that there is “something magic about a lipstick,” và she also remembers that her mother said that a “lipstick equals instant glamour”. I couldn’t agree more!