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Hi, my lovelies! There is nothing better to me than a good dark bold lip, especially if it is matte and long-lasting. Recently I had a great opportunity to try out gorgeous liquid matte lipstick from Be Matte collection by City Color Cosmetics. The collection was released in eight beautiful shades ranging from light and innocent nudes to a dark reds and my favorite purple. Today I"m going to review mysterious shade called "Homeslice" - bold and beautiful matte grape color, intensely pigmented and long-lasting.

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The formula of Be Matte Liquid Lipstick is definitely incredible. The product easily glides on the lips and dries to a matte finish almost in no time, but stays a little bit tacky. The texture is velvety, feels very lightweight and comfortable on the lips, though it can feel dry. The color payoff of "Homeslice" is deep and intense, I like to apply a very generous amount of the product for full coverage. But, of course, the brightest feature of Be Matte Lipstick is its longevity! This lippie lasts ages on the lips and you can eat, drink and even kiss without fear of smudging your makeup. The formula is so long-lasting that you even need a special makeup remover for waterproof makeup to remove it later.

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And as always, few commendable words about the incredible scent of the lipstick. It has the most yummy smell of freshly baked pastry - a little bit of chocolate and vanilla. I know that people do not buy makeup products because of their sweet scent, but it is always nice to apply cosmetics that smell nice. I also want to mention a unique hourglass-shaped applicator, it is bendy and provides a perfect control over the application process and I find it very comfortable.

Wondering how to apply Be Matte Liquid Lipstick by City Color? First of all recommend you prepare your lips - exfoliate them with a soft scrub or toothbrush. Matte lipsticks tend to dry out the lips, so it is always nice to apply hydrating lip balm before you are going to apply a matte lipstick. Don"t forget to line your lips with a lip liner, especially if you color of choice is dark. To make your lip makeup neat and precise use a little bit of your foundation or concealer and clean up the edges of your lips. You can also apply a very fine layer of matte eyeshadow or translucent powder over the lipstick to set it and reduce the tacky feeling.
If you are on the hunt after a good matte lipstick with a long-lasting formula and a nice choice of colors, I"d definitely recommend checking out Be Matte collection. You can pick your favorite shade here on the official City Color website. And I would like to say big thanks to City Color and Brand Backer for allowing me to try out and make my own opinion about these lippies. Are you ready to stay matte?
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