Like the other lip products by Clio, these new Tension Lip Oil Tints are reasonably priced. They’re currently on sale (perhaps due to the popularity of Gong Hyo Jin’s drama Jealousy Incarnate, or perhaps because it’s Korean Thanksgiving) for about 12,800 won or approximately $11 USD. I had a coupon since I’m a Clio Club Member, so I got an additional 20%, basically this was a steal. On the Clio US website they’re selling for $13 USD on sale, so the pricing is pretty close.

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No. 3 black Currant

No. 6 Sugar Breeze


The packaging is very sleek và classy, although it’s clearly plastic it’s thick và pretty durable (I have dropped it a few times, due to my clumsy tendencies). I like how the màu sắc shows at the bottom, it’s accurate in person. The applicator is a basic liquid lipstick type applicator, but the point fits the shape of my lips pretty well (I have no trouble with the cupid’s bow). It’s a screw top, & it locks nicely in place so you know it’s shut properly.

Really no complaints, other than the fact that it’s quite bulky when putting it in my makeup bag. My Aritaum màu sắc Lasting Lip Tint contains 6 ml compared lớn Clio’s 5 ml, so there’s no real reason for the size difference.



Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip Oil Tint(No. 1 Red Bomb, No. 3 black Currant, No. 6 Sugar Breeze)Price: 16,000 each at retail ($14 USD) 

So starting off, Clio’s mô tả tìm kiếm has a lot of high praise for this product, so I’ll briefly talk about those claims. I didn’t even read this description before I bought this sản phẩm because…well Gong Hyo Jin is Clio’s brand model (my favorite actress) & I love Jealousy Incarnate. Seems lượt thích a win-win situation to me.

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Honestly, I went into Clio the other day to buy my friend a lipstick, and although these were on sale and the sales girl tried to persuade me into buying one, it didn’t immediately catch my attention. I came back another day after I saw Gong Hyo Jin wearing it. Seriously, I’m guilty of being a trend follower just like every other Korean. Anyway…you’re probably more interested in how the sản phẩm actually stands up.

So basically, this ad keeps emphasizing that the oil tint is moisturizing, super-pigmented, yet it’s transparent (Koreans love their super-pigmented transparent lip colors, what?). It’s basically perfect for layering, in order to lớn achieve a gradient lip.

This hàng hóa is long-lasting and it contains 7 types of oils (rose hip oil, camellia oil, damask rose oil, safflower oil, barley oil, và sea buckthorn oil). Gọi me a newbie with oils, but I had never heard of two of these oils, feel free to look them up as well. They talk a lot about moisture (촉촉, 끝장 보습) & also “Milkchak” (밀착) basically how well the sản phẩm adheres to lớn the skin. Và most of all…it claims there is no need to lớn re-apply.

It also says there’s a “synergy effect” I had lớn look this up as well. Oh Konglish. Basically, with the perfect mixture of oil & tint, you get a result greater than its parts. Sounds super philosophical, no? Are we still talking about makeup here?