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The reliable, efficient & affordable line of Elite power supplies is igiảm giá khuyến mãi for mainstream và basic computing systems. Built with unique components and dual +12V outputs, the Elite series is fit lớn handle demands of high power requirements. Built-in EXiaoMI noise filter reduces electro-magnetic interference for reliable power delivery. The eco-friendly design allows the Elite series lớn reach more than 70% efficiency at typical loading & meet Energy Star và Blue Angel requirements. A 120milimet người makes the Elite series a quiet & cool power supply.

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ATX12V v2.3 CompatibleCompatible with the ATX12V v2.3 standard, the Elite series provides maximum power stability to drive sầu processors as well as other system components.350W Maximum PowerA maximum power of 350W delivers safe, reliable output for mainstream computer systems. Dual industry-leading independent +12v rails are provided for more stable & safer power output.Efficient CoolingThe 120milimet intelligent người automatically adjusts the speed cấp độ according to the PSU temperature for efficient cooling.

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ModelBr& Series Model
Cooler Master
DetailsType Maximum nguồn Fans PFC Main Connector +12V Rails SATA Power Connector Haswell Support Modular nguồn Good Signal Hold-up Time Efficiency Energy-Efficient Over Voltage Protection Input Voltage Input Frequency Range Input Current MTBF Approvals Energy-Efficient
> 17 ms
> 70%
110 - 1trăng tròn V / 2đôi mươi - 240 V
47 - 63 Hz
>100,000 Hours
CE / GOST / C-tichồng / UL
FeaturesConnectors Features
M/B 20+4 Sạc x 1CPU 4+4 Pin x 14 Sạc Peripheral x 3SATA x 34 Pin Sạc Floppy x 1
High performance components for improved reliability.Eco-friendly kiến thiết lớn meet Energy Star & Blue Angel requirements.Multi-protection kiến thiết (OVP/OCP/OPP/SCP).Supports dual +12V1 and +12V2 outputs for high power usage.One 4+4 pin +12V CPU connector for high-end CPU.EXiaoMI Noise filter built-in design.Over 70% efficiency at typical loading.Compliance with the lathử nghiệm Intel standard ATX 12V V2.3.
Additional InformationDate First Available
May 16, 2013

Eggxpert Review

Pros: Low cost solution for a workaday PC. No frills but delivers what it says.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Excellent choice for those builds where you are trying khổng lồ keep the costs khổng lồ a minimum and a basic PSU will vị.

Pros: I bought a cheap power supply because i have a pc for casual stuff. not gaming. & i got lucky so far!! Works great, cable management was easy because I have few things lớn plug in, very happy so far.

Cons: its not jk.

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Overall Review: hope it lasts at least 6 moths. good price. but sold out :(

Pros: quiet và worked lượt thích a charm out of the box

Cons: none so far and probably wont because is awesome : )

Pros: Replaced a failed powersupply with this one. It worked and had the proper connectors in the right quantities, thats about all you can ask for.

Cons: No cons,

Pros: Quiet, reliable so far

Cons: Not enough SATA power connectors

Overall Review: All the SATA connectors are on the same cable, which would be fine if your hard drive was in a 5.25" cất cánh with the optical drive sầu. Not so much in a mid tower ATX case with the optical drive sầu on top và HDD on bottom.

Pros: Quiet, & it does it's job well. All of the switches are good, và so are all of the power connectors.

Cons: none.

Pros: It works lượt thích a charm right out of the box, và is easy lớn install. All hardware (the screws & power cord) was included, and it is still working to this day without any problem.

Cons: None thus far.

Overall Review: I bought this for my little brother, in addition with this AGP. graphics card to get my little brother's wxp computer lớn run diablo without lagging. They both did the triông chồng, along with the help of some ram.

Pros: its a cheap power supply an built decently well so it should be quite reliable as cooler master is known for some great products an reliability has most of all the plugs an connectors i need without tons of extras i have to lớn hide somewhere in the case.

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Cons: its only 350 watts.

Overall Review: paired together with a lower kết thúc system microatx mobo intel celeron dual core (55 watt 1155 socket) a dvd burner 2 mechanical HDD's and GTX 550ti seems to fair nicely. (tăng cấp is coming soon)

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