The Face Shop Disney Collection Cushion Review


These collections are getting slightly overwhelming, and are definitely a bit of a ‘mare for us K-Beauty addicts living in Seoul. The xinh tươi collaborations are continually arriving on the streets surrounding my apartment, và they’re successfully making it very difficult khổng lồ walk past without being drawn into the stores, and emptying my wallet on the newest Kakao lipstick, Line Friend’s blusher, or this time, probably the last thing I expected, Mike Wazowski in cushion form. But Mike arrived in all his green glory at my local Faceshop, và yes I bought it.

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What is this cushion for?

It’s called the CC Long-Lasting Cushion SPF50+ PA+++. According to the description, it is supposed to cover pores và smooth skin, reduce wrinkles, brighten and protect against UV rays. It also has some additional information about the properties & ingredients on the box, as you can see on the photo below (terrible iPhone 5 cam = blurrrr, sorry).


Sounds pretty impressive, so how did it do?



Clearly the packaging depends on your taste…it’s not discreet, feminine or pretty, BUT it’s different and fun. If you’re into Disney you’re probably going lớn be a fan hâm mộ of at least one of the three variations (Mike, Winnie the Pooh, or Mickey Mouse), and even if you don’t usually go for the Disney stuff, one of them might still grab your attention for the sheer dễ thương factor.

The actual case is very sturdy & doesn’t appear lớn scratch easily, making it handbag safe. The puff itself is also pretty adorable, with Mike’s eye all over it.


It’s the same as all cushions- gently press the puff into the cushion, và pat lightly all over face. With this formula I find that very thin layers, built up, work best. I don’t know if it’s because the cushion is still fairly fresh, but I’m finding it transfers quite easily, so I’m applying translucent powder over the vị trí cao nhất to set the base.

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The coverage with this cushion is okay. Remember the Mickey Mouse version is the cushion, of the three in the collection, which aims for coverage. The aim of the Monsters Inc. Cushion is long lasting. So yeah, the cushion evens out my skin tone, but does not give the flawless base that, for example, my Hera Cover Cushion does. I would say the cushion is more colour correcting (it is a CC cushion after all) than full coverage, và if flawless coverage is what you’re after, this may not be for you. However in the summer I’m not always after a full covered face, so this lighter, more natural finish is also appealing (when my skin is clear at least).


I’d say it’s neutral/leaning towards yellow undertones. I have pink undertones and on my face it blends much more naturally than my hand. The photo on the left (cushion applied khổng lồ the right of my hand) is in my crappy apartment light, & on the right is the same application in the natural sunlight from my window. 



My main skincare và makeup aim is, quite simply, just glow- I want bright, glowy, dewy skin. This cushion definitely brightens my complexion but is sliiiightly dewy. Being long lasting, its a more matte finish than other cushions. In the summer this is not a bad thing. Even if I want dew, those dewy formulas don’t always bởi the trick in hot, humid weather, whereas this matte finish brightens without sliding off my face.

I’m disappointed with how this image is showing on here, it looks edited but it’s not, it’s better if you view it on my instagram. Anyway, you can see that most of the makeup stayed on fantastically well. By 9pm, the only really noticeable difference was that my forehead & under eyes were pretty shiny.

Lasting power

This is where the cushion really comes into it’s own. It lasts incredibly well. The box claims the cushion has a sweat and oil resistant formula, and after wearing this cushion for about 9 hours in 30 degrees Celcius & high humidity through a commute, teaching 5.5 hours, commute & dinner cooking, I can confirm that the formula held up! I didn’t feel the need to top it up. The box also claims that the cushion contains a natural moisturising factor, and I would also agree with this, as the cushion didn’t cake at all throughout the day. I would expect a matte cushion to slightly cake, be drier, and possibly break up around my nose và chin. This cushion did none of the above- the only change was that my skin became a little shiny across my forehead & under my eyes. Honestly though, I prefer shine khổng lồ caking. I could have very easily blotted my shiny areas.


The price of this cushion in Korea is 20,000 won with no refill- that’s one cushion và one case. I didn’t think this was too bad for a collaboration piece. It’s a novelty piece & the cushion will last a while. If you consider that with a Hera/ Iope/ Laneige, for around the 40,000 mark you get a cushion case, one cushion inside plus a refill, you might think 20,000 is kind of expensive for a lower kết thúc brand like The Faceshop, as you get no refill. But, lượt thích I said, I think it’s a pretty average price that I was fine paying for, especially because I was so happy with the long lasting results.

Final thoughts

I liked this cushion way more than I expected. Of course, my main reason for buying was the novelty packaging, but the cushion performed well for summer daytime. It was the long lasting result that really impressed me- a matte cushion does not usually appeal to me, but this wasn’t dry, và whilst it was more matte, it was still bright & kept my skin fresh all day. My skin is normal/combination, so I can’t bình luận on how well it would perform for those of you with dry skin, và considering it left shine on me, I’m not sure about oily skin. It’s probably not a formula I’ll use much through the winter months- I prefer my Hera or Clio- but for the summer this is definitely a cushion I keep reaching for to last through the heat & humidity. I’ll be taking it to xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện next week, along with my Hera Longstay, for light day time base. The cushion surprisingly achieved all that it stated on the packaging!