Carl Zeiss has been making lenses for longer than most anyone in the industry, và while they still produce their own lens lines for a variety of camera mounts, they have sầu a more intimate relationship with Sony, producing a variety of E and A mount exclusives. Today’s Reviews focuses on a somewhat recent release for Sony’s E-mount mirrorless cameras, the 16-70milimet f/4 Vario-Tessar (Given the designation SEL1670Z in Sony land). This standard zoom for APS-C cameras covers an extremely useful range of focal lengths, equivalent khổng lồ 24-105mm on a full frame camera. The lens’ constant f/4 aperture & relatively compact kích cỡ makes this a very attractive sầu offer for Sony shooters, though some will be put off by the $999 price tag. Let’s dive sầu in and see if it is worth the cost of admission.

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The Zeiss 16-70milimet f/4 Vario-Tessar on the Sony NEX-6

If you’re not familiar with my Review, I nhận xét from a real world shooting perspective. You won’t find lens charts or resolution numbers here. There are plenty of other sites that cover those. I Review products on how they act for me as a photographic tool in real-world shooting.

Around the Lens – Build Quality

The 16-70mm f/4 is a relatively compact lens considering the constant maximum aperture & relatively wide zoom range. It is constructed predominantly of metal, with the main barrel, zoom và focus rings all having a rigid aluminum construction. These parts feel very nice in the hvà và solid. The extending barrel of the lens, which protrudes as the focal length is increased, is constructed of plastic. While the plastic extending tube doesn’t wobble và is sturdy enough, the feel of the plastic is a little underwhelming. It has an almost cheap feel lớn it, which is the very opposite of the rest of the lens.

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The zoom mechanism is smooth và the focus ring is silky, though I wish it had slightly more damping. The Review sample tested had a very small amount of play when operating the zoom ring, though in talking with other photographers, this appears to be a minor issue with this specific copy of the lens, & not a widespread concern.

The Zeiss 16-70mm at 16mm (left) & 70milimet (right)

Included with the lens is a plastic petal type lens hood that is well constructed and finished. The hood clicks on lớn the recessed bayonet mount, providing a fluid appearance when the lens is mix to 16milimet. The hood reverses for storage và doesn’t take up very much additional space.

Handling, Autofocus và Stabilization

38mm, f/13, 1/8 second handheld" width="210" height="300" srcset=" 210w, 717w, 723w" sizes="(max-width: 210px) 100vw, 210px" />Fallsville Falls, OH – Sony NEX-6 with Zeiss 16-70milimet f/4 ZA OSS