Deepcool ice blade pro v2

A few weeks ago we got to check out one of DeepCool’s most expensive CPU coolers, the Gamer Storm. Today we are checking out a less expensive sầu cooler, but one that will give sầu your case that “gamer” look. The Ice Blade Pro features four 8milimet copper heatpipes, a patented Vi xử lý Core cảm biến Technology (CTT), & a smoked xanh LED 120mm người. How well will this compare with the other DeepCool cooler? Read on further lớn find out.

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Special thanks lớn DeepCool for providing us with the Ice Blade Pro CPU Cooler to reviews.


Equipped with multiple clips khổng lồ tư vấn Hãng Intel LGA1366/1156/775 và AMD AM3/AM2+/AM2.4 pieces of Ф8mm heatpipes conduct heat from the processor quickly khổng lồ protect it from overheating.Patented Core cảm ứng Technology (CTT) gives perfect contact with the CPU surface.120x120x25mm PWM fan offers optimal airflow.Semi-transparent người with xanh LED, modding looking.47 pieces of aluminum fins with big surface dissipate heat efficiently.De-vibration rubber buckles absorb operating noise maximally.Intelligent side flow thiết kế further utilizes system airflow to improve computer case ventilation.Tool không tính phí installation.Especially recommended for Hãng Intel core i7, a perfect choice for overclockers.

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Overall DimensionFan DimensionNet WeightBearing Type
125.5X104X157mm120X120X25mm1053gHydro Bearing
Rated VoltageOperating VoltageStarting VoltageRated Current
nguồn InputFan SpeedMax. Air FlowNoise

PackagingThe hàng hóa comes in a high chất lượng package lượt thích many of the other DeepCool products vì chưng. The front of the package showcases some of the main features of the cooler along with an image of the product. A small window sits on the right side, allowing you lớn see part of the heatsink kiến thiết. The only thing of importance on the bachồng of the package is the specifications in multiple different languages.


The sides of the package are pretty plain as well, with one side having a partial bit of the window & the other side having the supported CPUs and sản phẩm diagram. There is also a handle on top for easy transportation.


Inside of the packaging you’ll find the heatsink, fan, hardware bag và installation guide.