After a season packed full of reds, I can’t tell you all how excited I was to see the first Spring collections lvà on my desk.

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Dior always offers soft blush & pastel colours, & Spring 2017 is no different! The first two products I couldn’t wait khổng lồ tear into lớn were the Lip Glow màu sắc Reviver Balm in Berry, and Lip Sugar Scrub Balm. I’ve always loved Dior’s balms in the past, but the idea of a handy stichồng scrub sounded too good not to try right away!affiliate link, quảng cáo samples


“If these two products are any sign that the era of matte liquid lipsticks is waning, I am all here for it.” 


Dior certainly isn’t the first brand to lớn come out with a lip scrub, in a stiông xã or a pot. What they’ve sầu done that hasn’t been seen much, is launch a sugar lip scrub in a stiông chồng that doesn’t need rinsing. They’ve clearly taken on the trend of sugary lip scrubs that come in pots & given it the convenience of an on-the-go stick, which I love.

The balm base itself is hydrating & smoothing on the lips, và it actually hangs around a little while. When I first tried it I just assumed that there wouldn’t be enough sugar in the balm to lớn give sầu enough exfoliation, but there’s just the right amount. Unlike really coarse lip scrubs that you would use ever now và then, this can be used lớn prep lips for lipstiông chồng throughout the day!

I’m a big tín đồ of this, & even happier khổng lồ see Dior didn’t pack it full of the fragrance they have sầu in their recent lipstick relaunch. Instead, the Lip Sugar Scrub has a very faint vanilla scent and soft sweet taste from the sugar.

Available at: Sephora • Escentual



Now I’ve sầu never been one to lớn believe in those ‘colour reveal’ balms. Now they Điện thoại tư vấn them lip balms that tint depending on your so-called body toàn thân chemistry; When I was a kid it was ‘mood lipstick’.

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Every single time I try a sản phẩm lượt thích that, it turns bright fuchsia on me. Tell me I am not the only one that has this issue? Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Dior’s Màu sắc Reviver Balms! The new shade Berry gives a subtle berry-bitten look that shows even on my naturally dark lips!

I find the Dior Lip Glows so smooth and forgiving on the lips; The colour never catches on dry spots or in the lines. The texture feels cushiony and plump on the lips. Unlượt thích waxy lip balms you might be used lớn & overall, you can feel the luxury in these. If you’re not a lipstiông chồng lover, or want something you can slap on khổng lồ vì the school run or walk the dog this might just be perfect for you!

Available at: Sephora • Escentual


Let’s be honest, it’s hard to lớn convince a cynic that they should go out và purchase a luxury lip balm. In this case, these are so much more than paying for a br& name. There are just some moments where you get what you pay. The Dior Lip Glow & Lip Sugar Scrub are one of those times. Let’s not even get inkhổng lồ how damn pretty Dior’s packaging is. The soft blush casing (the scrub’s is matte) và Dior’s telltale silver embellishment might have sầu you pulling it out of your handbag more than you need to!

I’m not going to lớn lie, I really like them. Viva smooth, hydrated radiant lips!

If these two products are any sign that the era of matte liquid lipsticks is waning, I am all here for it.