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A reunion with internet sensation, Dustin Phuc Nguyen at Mama Sens, where he talks about carving his own path and what it means to be nội dung creator.

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“When you pichồng a route that many have sầu traveled & conquered before you, whether you like it or not, it"s inevitable that you will be compared to and even "shadowed" by those trailblazers. " | Source: Co Nguyen for giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn.“My team and I harbor the ambition to carve sầu out our own path, one where we can freely pursue our vision và experiment with new ideas.”

"We want khổng lồ explore the topics that are often on the sidelines of the mainstream discussion. There are many untold stories in this world and even more talented people, but they get little recognition," he tells us when asked to lớn describe the pressure he is under when chartering new nội dung waters. 

How have you and Dustin on the Go Youtube channel changed in the past two years?

Both my channel và I have experienced a lot of growth in the past two years.

Even though I started it as a side project, Dustin on the Go is now a full-time job & a source of daily inspiration for me. Unlượt thích when I was working as an MC and a VJ, now that I have sầu my own Youtube channel, my team and I can openly voice our support & advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

Dustin on the Go is now a full-time job và a source of daily inspiration for me. With my own Youtube channel, I can openly voice my tư vấn và advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. | Source: Co Nguyen for giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn.2019 marked an important milestone with the launch of our blind dating series ‘Love is Blind’. Whereas Bar Stories showcase the perspectives of influential figures, Love is Blind’s main feature is the pursuit of happiness by people from all walks of life, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, language, ethnithành phố và religion.

We plan lớn carry on with that theme in Love sầu is Blind season 2, through incorporating the spectrum of sexual orientation in its entirety.

Instead of a studio setting, season 2 will be filmed in real-life locations. We will also introduce new elements to accommodate the different ways people seek fulfilment. Not everyone comes lớn the show with romance in mind. Sometimes, they are there lớn get lớn know others & themselves better.

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What is the formula for a signature ‘Dustin on the Go’ video?

We don"t really have sầu any formula. It is not our purpose, nor our cup of tea to lớn make episodes that are so soapy they make the audience weep, or so humorous that they make them split their sides. Our northern star is producing nội dung with real-life value. 

When we speak lớn guests about coming to lớn our show, we don"t frame it as an interview with an enclosed script. It"s simply an invitation lớn come and have a light-hearted chat with us.

We bởi not want them lớn arrive mentally prepared with all the answers lined up. Authenticity is the show’s top priority. The only thing guests would have sầu to brace themselves for beforehvà is the daring games on Dustin on the Go.

The team picks up the mantra of authentiđô thị and abstains from scripted material, as it would take away from life’s natural diversity. Diversity evokes curiosity, paves the way for interesting discoveries và helps us learn. | Source: Co Nguyen for giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn.I’m very much a jokester và a very easy-going person. To help guests feel less tense, I try to lighten our interaction with humor. Throw a cocktail in the mix, and they start letting their guard down. As the old saying goes: "Every good story starts with a betel nut." And at Dustin on the Go, ‘betel nut’ is replaced by a beautiful, delicious cocktail.

To make guests feel like they"re in their element, we resort khổng lồ a little "trick", i.e. filming a one-take shot for as long as possible. With less interference from the crew, it makes it easier for the guests to feel at ease. Sometimes, they would open up so much that we have lớn cherry-piông xã what"s appropriate to lớn show và what khổng lồ censor (laughs).

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Dustin on the Go’s signature is its bar-themed talk show Bar Stories. So, what are your 3 favorite drinks?

My favorites in order from least to lớn greakiểm tra are Aperol Spritz, Gin & Tonic, và Whiskey Sour.

What vì chưng these 3 cocktails mean to you?

Aperol Spritz is tailored for the summer. It is easy lớn make & easy khổng lồ drink. In a way, it"s like my twenty-something self, very simplistic. My perception of life was still through brightly colored lenses. 

Just as refreshing as Aperol Spritz but much more varied in flavor is the Gin and Tonic. Adjusting the taste of a Gin and Tonic khổng lồ your liking is easy with the addition of different fruits. It is more representative of my current self. I"m still very young & lively, but I’ve sầu gained more experience and options in life.

"Maturity takes time. Be prepared lớn fail and don"t expect easy success in your early years." | Source: Co Nguyen for giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn.Last is Whiskey Sour. My favorite is the whiskey that usually takes 8-12 years to age. In my point of view, maturity takes time, and the Dustin of the present has not yet reached the maturity level of his aspiration. I hope that by the time I"m 40, I would have evolved enough to lớn be a glass of finely aged Whiskey Sour.

What values ​​vì you consider the "backbone" of Dustin on the Go?

The programs shown on Dustin on the Go must always be entertaining, informative và meaningful.

My team & I try our best to lớn make the audience relax. In addition to humor, we also incorporate educational material. Finally, we hope that the meaningful messages that we are trying lớn convey remain with the viewers even after they have closed their tabs. 

Moreover, chất lượng is something we never compromise on. For us, a hàng hóa should only be released when it has met all the established criteria. Our viewers may constantly rush us for new episodes, but at the kết thúc of the day, it"s the unique of the production that keeps them hooked. 

At Dustin on the Go, we always strive sầu lớn produce nội dung that is sustainable, that is, not a gung-ho response lớn the lathử nghiệm gossip. Each of our creations is a source of reflection that can be watched time and again. 

Naturally, doing this is not easy. People seem khổng lồ react better to trends as it’s the norm in content-making nowadays. Hence, our material must even be more well-developed to lớn attract viewership.

Instead of stirring up controversies, our programs spread the message of humanity. These are the stories of the human endeavors, of unsung heroes who are making silent sacrifices for their community.

What lessons have you learned from your guests?

Apart from the myriads of popular figures, Dustin on the Go also welcomes the ordinary folks, amuốn which are all talented people, who have admirable ambitions, extraordinary achievements & great stories to lớn tell. 

I’ve got so many lessons from them that I can’t even begin to lớn count. With each episode, I feel lượt thích I learn something new about life. 

“Instead of forcing myself to lớn constantly generate new episodes & shows, I prefer khổng lồ use my time differently. I take advantage of the break between production to lớn reinvent myself lớn read, watch, and listen. It"s how I have always been able lớn garner refreshing insight lớn make new nội dung.” | Source: Co Nguyen for giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn.By sharing, they teach me about the adversity of life, but also remind me about the optimism it takes to weather the storms. It"s only when we focus on the positives surrounding us that we can recognize và deliver positivity khổng lồ our viewers. 

Are there any challenges that you and your team need khổng lồ overcome?

It"s the dejected feeling when we are faced with rejection from potential guests. I’m quite sentimental, so it’s definitely a jab in the heart for me. I"m learning lớn not get caught up in my emotions & persevere right through those instances.

"I"ve always thought that work & pleasure should go hvà in hvà. It"s how I find the motivation và material for my creations. Just by going to a bar, a restaurant or meeting new people, I feel invigorated và re-inspired." | Source: Co Nguyen for giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn.Next came the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. It"s going lớn be a strenuous time ahead for all. And the team is working on a plan B, looking at a Q&A concept as a potential format for our alternative production.

Given how advanced modern-day video clip formatting technology has become, the implementation of nội dung is no longer a point of contention. Even though the cinematography of our show might not be meticulous, we pride ourselves with how well-developed our nội dung is, & we are proud of the quality of the hàng hóa that we put out.

Will we be seeing a new addition to lớn Dustin on the Go’s catalogue in the near future?

My team and I have been trying lớn put a new concept into incubation for quite a while now but production keeps getting delayed (laugh). We want khổng lồ create a show where music takes center stage, and the atmosphere is going to lớn be very spontaneous and laid-back. 

 “Dustin on the Go’s mission is firmly rooted in its aspiration to lớn spread positivity to lớn everyone.” | Source: Co Nguyen for giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn.Through the show, I hope khổng lồ highlight & present to lớn the public undiscovered talents. Not only will the guests display their musical flair, but they will also be involved in every step of the music production process — writing, mixing, release & promotion. Each episode will be a window into lớn the creative sầu process of a different artist.

Mama Sens is a premium Mediterranean restaurant, cà phê and bar concept founded by the Michelin three-starred chef duo Jacques and Laurent Pourcel. Mama Sens conveys the beauty and philosophy of the Mediterranean lifestyle through an immersive sầu culinary experience. 

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