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Birds Judges’ Choice: The Hungry Juvenile Peregrine Falcon-Showcase 2018 Tkhô hanh Tran


Based in Southern California, Tkhô hanh Tran is a wildlife photographer who specializes in taking shots of birds in action. When he is not out exploring bird habitats through his camera lenses, he works as a software engineer và composes music in his remaining không tính phí time.

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One of his photographs was published in Nature’s Best Photography magazine as the Bird Category winner of 2017.

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Your Name: Tkhô hanh Tran

Title of Your Winning Image:The Hungry Juvenile Peregrine Falcon


Related lớn your winning Showcase image:

How did you get the image?

On a summer morning, I went out lớn photograph a family of peregrine falcons that had three juveniles. As a parent falbé fed leftover food khổng lồ one of the juveniles, a hungry sibling falnhỏ wanted khổng lồ get a nội dung of the food and promptly started a chase in the sky.

What was special about this opportunity you had lớn capture the image?

The peregrine falbé is the faschạy thử bird in the world. Getting the shots while they are in flight at top speed or while exchanging food is always a challenge for me, so I’m really happy I had the opportunity to lớn take several shots. This image, however, with the hungry peregrine falnhỏ screaming and fully stretching its wings while in pursuit at top tốc độ, stands out.

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What equipment & camera settings were you using to lớn capture the image?

Nikon D500, 600milimet, 1/2500 at f5.6, ISO 500

 Related to your nature photography:

How long have sầu you been photographing và what, in particular, got you inkhổng lồ nature photography?

I have sầu been inkhổng lồ nature photography for approximately 6 years. I have always been fascinated with wildlife photography as a whole, & my passion for the art is what drove me to pursue it.

Describe your nature photography experience màn chơi and current status.

I have about six years’ worth of experience. I have sầu a full-time job, but since wildlife photography is so fascinating, I always try lớn go outdoors lớn photograph whenever I have the chance.