Foreo Luna Mini 2 Review


Do you want khổng lồ know the secret khổng lồ perfect skin? I ask a beautician at a fancy London spa once & she actually told me!

I was reviewing a spa hotel and had an incredible facial during my stay. After my treatment the lovely beautician began her well-practiced speech to sell me the luxury products she’d just used. We’re talking about cleansers và exfoliators that cost more than my mortgage so I had lớn politely interrupt her and let her know that, even if I wanted lớn, I wouldn’t be buying an £800 cleansing package today, thank you.

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She faltered for a second và I felt the need to fill an awkward silence.

‘Your skin is amazing, what’s your secret?’ I asked, quickly adding, ‘Other than expensive sầu lotions!’

‘Well, it’s the simple things really…’ và she went on to tell me the secrets to perfect skin. I’m afraid they’re not exciting or glamorous, but they bởi work!

Cleanse well

It doesn’t really matter what cleanser you use, as long as it suits your skin và you use it twice a day. You need khổng lồ remove sầu all the dirt & makeup without aggravating your skin.


The beautician was keen to lớn emphasise that, while it might not be exciting, drinking plenty of water và staying well hydrated is one of the most important things for your skin.

Eat well

Eat loads of fruit và veg! Your skin can’t be healthy on the outside if your toàn thân isn’t healthy on the inside.

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If you’re struggling to get a lot of fruit & veg into your diet, try prepping your meals in advance. Use Pinterest to lớn search for food prep ideas. I also lượt thích khổng lồ make mason jar salads for lunches.


Wear a high factor facial sunscreen everyday because sun damage is the worst thing for aging your skin.


This isn’t something I noticed until I hit my 30s but if I’m tired, my skin looks tired! There’s no hiding those late nights anymore!


There are a hundred reasons to lớn exercise but did you know it can also improve your skin? Aim khổng lồ get the blood pounding through your toàn thân everyday because that blood carries oxygene & nutrients khổng lồ your cells & also carries away the waste products.

Follow up a gym workout with a sauna và steam session and, alongside a hit of endorphins, your skin will be glowing!

So what does this have khổng lồ vì with the Lumãng cầu Mini 2 by FOREO?


In other news, FOREO just launched its Pop up at Heathrow Terminal T4 (departure) – you can kiểm tra out this product, which is travel friendly, and has become a mainstay in my travel wash bag too.