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Because of the rising popularity of truyền thông media devices such as smartphones and computers, frequent users often exhibit incorrect posture.

Forward head posture (FHP) is a poor habitual neông chồng posture. It often co-exists with Upper Crossed Syndrome

Thoracic Kyphosis is a complication of the combination of slouched-forward shoulders and rounded upper back.Can lead to lớn a painful shortening of the muscles of the back of the neck, as well as compression of the cervical vertebrae—the uppermost portion of the spine that supports the head and protects the spinal cord.

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Due to the increased compressive forces through the neông chồng joints and increased muscle tension, pain is the comtháng outcome. Some of the types of problems associated with FHP. are:

Neông xã discomfortChest painPain, pins & needles và numbness in the arms và hands

Many people develop chronic or recurrent problems because they receive sầu treatment for the pain (e.g. pain killers or anti-inflammatory medication) but never receive sầu treatment for the underlying cause which is their FHPhường.

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<2> This 4 minutes video is a brief summary of FHP


Forward Head Posture - Affects on Health

FHP. evaluation is clinically important for diagnosis & rehabilitation treatment.


FHPhường. increases compressive sầu loading on tissues in the cervical spine, particularly the facet joints & ligaments.Studies have reported that symptoms including neông chồng pain, headabịt, temporomandibular pain, và musculoskeletal disorders are related to FHP


Occupational posture: forward or backward leaning of head for long durations, slouched or relaxed sitting, faulty sitting posture while using computer or screen.Effect of gravity: slouching, poor ergonomic alignment.Other faulty postures like pelvic và lumber spine posture.Sleeping with head elevated too high.Poor posture maintained for long durations.Laông chồng of development of baông chồng muscle strength.

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Clinical Findings


Early disc degeneration và osteophyte formationTemporomandibular joint pain & inflammationIncrease in dorsal kyphosis và decrease in heightDecrease in vital capađô thị & range of motion of shoulder và armPossible protrusion of nucleus pulposus và nerve compression

Physiotherapy Management

To Decrease Pain:

Postural Alignment, Balance và Gait:Cervical RetractionScapular RetractionBalance Training ( If dysfunction presents)Range of Motion, Joint Mobility và Flexibility<10>Cervical Range of Motion ExercisesShoulder Range of Motion ExercisesCervical TractionStretching Exercises of tight structures- Trapezius, Scalenes, SCM, Pectoralis Major & Minor.To reduce spasm Ischemic CompressionPositional release technique (to relieve tension headaches)

Muscle Strength & EnduranceCervical isometric strengthening exercises (initial phase) progressing to isotonic & dynamic strengtening exercises.Ergonomic AdviceCorrect the number of pillows usedPostural corrections.

Outcome Measures

Occiput lớn Wall

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