Game of thrones recap: season six, episode eight


After diverging from the path lớn becoming a faceless assassin and saving the innocent actress Lady Crane, it seemed Arya was ready lớn return to lớn her roots và travel baông xã khổng lồ Westeros. Her redemption round was quickly stalled, however, by the Waif who during last week"s hour of HBO"s drama series left the young Stark suffering from multiple stab wounds to the gut.

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Lady Crane, who clearly took the acting tips Arya had offered her, after another ovation-worthy performance, stumbled across the bleeding girl in her dressing room và stitched up her wounds. For the first time since she was home in Winterfell in Season 1, the hardened youngster received some motherly love. Their bonding was cut short by the Waif, who murdered the actress và then launched inlớn a chase through the streets of Braavos in her efforts lớn take down Arya.

While she did seem a bit worse for wear, it became clear that Arya was actually leading the Waif inlớn a dark room where she had stashed her sword, Needle. Having been trained to lớn fight during her blind phase, Arya opted to take advantage of that particular skill mix & crossed blades with the Waif under the cover of pitch blachồng darkness.


When the lights returned viewers found themselves in the Hall of Faces và along with Jaqen H"gar, followed a trail of blood ending with the Waif"s bloodied face among muốn those that have sầu already passed on. He seemed impressed by Arya at episodes" over, but she chose khổng lồ reclayên her identity and told the Many Faced God her time in the temple had come to lớn end.

Meanwhile, Brienne & Podriông xã arrived in Riverrun with the hopes of convincing the Blackfish, Sansa"s great uncle, to join their efforts to lớn take the North back from the Boltons.

Now, before there was Briemund (the popular couple name for the lady knight & the wildling, Tormund) there was Brienne & Jamie. The duo, who spent the better parts of Seasons 2 and 3 together, reunited on the outskirts of the Lannister"s siege of Riverrun. Despite being on opposite sides of the conflict, the two proved their friendship và mutual respect still burns strong.


Jamie, after telling Brienne he was proud of her for finding Sansa & fulfilling her duty lớn Lady Stark "against all odds," agreed khổng lồ allow her access to Riverrun.

He agreed should that Brienne be able khổng lồ convince the Blackfish khổng lồ give sầu up the castle, he would allow them safe passage to the North so the Blackfish & his troops could join the fight to take back Winterfell. The Blackfish refused the offer & in the over, Lord Edmure Tully, who spent years as a prisoner of the Freys, took back his place as the rightful Lord of Riverrun và returned it to lớn the Lannisters và the Freys out of spite for his uncle.

The Blackfish met his over in his castle, just as he promised he would last week, & Jamie watched as the lady knight và her squire made their escape. He waved to Brienne lượt thích an old friover, in spite of their ever-clashing interests.

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This week"s trip lớn Braavos offered a uniquely pleasant scene involving Tyrion, Missandei và Greyworm, who, at this point in the episode, were still hoping for Daenerys" quick return.

After convincing the Khaleesi"s most trusted counselors khổng lồ take a drink of wine in their Queen"s honor, Tyrion revealed he hoped to lớn own a vineyard once the Last Targaryen takes over the Seven Kingdoms. The trio began to settle into lớn their revelry but the Masters, eager to lớn reclalặng their slaves, launched an attaông chồng on Meereen.

Dany"s return to lớn Slaver"s Bay came just on time, if not a little late and offered an interesting phản hồi on what types of leadership are effective sầu in the game of thrones. Tyrion"s strategizing, negotiating và networking seemed it would take earlier this season, but the Masters proved it would take a conqueror, lượt thích the Mother of Dragons, khổng lồ keep them in their places. Whether that will be true for Westeros remains lớn be seen.


The Hound this week made quick work of his revenge. With a literal ax to grind in h&, he took out the handful of the men who murdered his religious brotherhood. In finding the remaining villains, he reconnected Beric of the Brotherhood without Banners, who has been coming baông xã khổng lồ life since before Jon Snow made it cool.

The surviving murderers were hung for their violent crimes và the Hound snatched a pair of boots off one of them before they met their end. It served as a reminder for how violent Sandor Clegane has been, but Beric begged hyên lớn be more & lớn join them on their travels north, khổng lồ fight the Winter Winds.

Next week will mark the Battle of the Bastards, one of two major throw downs fans have sầu been looking forward to this season. The other, the Clegane Bowl, at this point doesn"t seem lượt thích it will be happening.

After a healthy dose of "trò chơi of Thrones" violence courtesy of the un-dead Mountain, King Tommen, who now seems khổng lồ be even more of a puppet for the faith than ever, outlawed trials by combat. So now, instead of using her zombie champion khổng lồ free herself from the High Sparrow"s clutches in a duel lớn the death for truth, Cersei will have lớn use her Plan B.

And as it turns out, Plan B may be even better than Plan A considering the rumors about the thousands of barrels of wildfire stashed under the castle are "more than rumors," which means Cersei could go the way of the Mad King and "burn them all" before the season"s end.