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Dưới đó là mẫu giáo án VNEN unit 9 Cities of the world: đánh giá 3 Language. Bài học kinh nghiệm nằm trong công tác tiếng Anh 6 tập 2. Bài bác mẫu có : văn bạn dạng text, tệp tin PDF, tệp tin word lắp kèm. Thầy cô giáo hoàn toàn có thể tải về để tham khảo. Hi vọng, mẫu giáo án này mang lại sự hữu ích.

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đánh giá 3: LanguageI/ OBJECTIVESBy the kết thúc of the lesson, students can: đánh giá the language they have learnt include: pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar they have learnt from unit 7-8-9 by doing exercises.1. Knowledge: a. Grammar: reviews grammar in unit 7,8,9 b. Lexical items : - reviews vocabulary in unit 7,8,9 c. Pronunciation: 2. Skills: - Listening, Speaking, Reading,Writing và interactive skills3. Attitude: - Cooperation, respect, having right và friendly attitudes with friends, teachers in the new school4. Quality and competence: - Be confident and friendly with the new school environment- Develope listening, speaking skills and cooperative interactionII/ TEACHING sida (MATERIALS) Teacher’s preparation: 2.Students’ preparation: - Lesson plan, Pictures, posters ,textbook,CD-MP3(Computer-Multi projector/cassette/ “sách mềm”) & other materialsTextbook, notebook, school things.III/ WORKING ARRANGEMENTS( WAYS OF WORKING )-Pair work , individual work, group work, T-WCIV/ TEACHING PROCEDURE:1-Greeting`and checking students’ adtendence: Total: In: ......... Out: .......... .2-Checking the old lesson3-New lesson:Teacher’s activitiesStudent’s workContentWarmer-Greeting.-Checking attendance.-Asking for the teaching date.RevisionBrainstorming:-Have Ss work in 2 teams.-Teacher checks with whole class.New lessonPronunciation1.Odd one out... (P36)- Ss work individually.- T plays the recording. Ss listen and check.2. Pratise saying the sentences.. (P36)- Play the recording. Ss listen carefully.- Play the recording again.Vocabulary3.Choose A,B, or C.... (P36)- Ss bởi this task separately và share their answers later with a partner.- T checks with whole class.4. Choose one of the words... (P36)- Ask Ss lớn look at the whole sentence khổng lồ decide what kind of word is missing before referring to lớn the danh mục of words given.Grammar5.Complete the sentences... (P36)- T elicits from Ss the use of the verb tenses they learned.- T focuses on the difference between the simple past và the present perfect tenses.6. Are the underlined... (P36)- nhận xét the use of the question words.- Ss vị the exercise, if a question word is wrong, ask Ss to explain why. 7. Use the superlatives in the box.. (P36)- Ss vì this task separately & share their answers later with a partner.- T checks with whole class.Everyday English8.Choose the best replies .. (P37)- T let students to lớn work in pairs. -Individual work-Listen to lớn the recording và repeat the sentences. Concentrate on the sound <θ> and <ð>.-Individual work-Pair work-Individual work-Individual work-Individual work-Individual work-Pair work-Pair work1.Key:1C 2A 3A 4B 5D 6D3.Key:1A 2B 3A 4A 5C4.Key:1. Paris2. Football3. Local television4. Country5. Remote control6. Summer sports5.Key:1.Started 2. Play 3. Had4.Is 5. Bought 6. Has worked6.Key:1. What2. When3. Correct4. How tall5. Correct7.Key:1. The most expensive2. The most popular3. The most interesting4. The most colourful5. The most dangerous8.Key:1. E 2. A 3. C 4. B 5. DConsolidationTeacher gets students khổng lồ retell what they have learnt.Homework-Prepare for the next lesson: reviews 3: Skills.
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