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(giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn) - The Google pixel is the panacea of apk phones, designed khổng lồ show what you can do with pure game android software, tuned to lớn the Google-designed hardware. Itspièce de résistance is the camera, where Google"s aim is to lớn showcase what artificial intelligence (AI) can really do. It"s fair lớn say, it"s an approach that"s turning heads.

For game android fans, the XL is a phone you"ll always consider for its merits, while surveying the incredibly aggressive options from the wider ecosystem. Compared lớn Apple, Google has created a rod for its own back: it encourages and supports the development of increasingly sophisticated technologies, against which it then has to compete with its own hardware.

Our quick take

While the pixel 2 XL launched under a cloud of screen-based woe, the px 3 XL is a much better piece of hardware. People will moan about the notch, but if you"ve used the phone, it"s really not an issue. Aside from the notch, the display is one of the best out there: it"s wonderful lớn look at và sitting in a phone that feels great lớn use. It"s now outdated by the px 4 XL, but you can get the pixel 3 much cheaper than the 2019 model.

A stellar camera experience meets great performance in this phone, with a wonderfully clean và clutter-free game android user interface that"s loaded with refinements, even if there are a few oddities. Google"s camera also keeps more complex systems at bay và its dependability over months of use remains true. It"s still class leading in many ways.

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In many ways the experience of the px 3 XL is enough to lớn keep its rivals at bay; in the flagship space there are a lack of uncluttered apk phones that are this easy lớn recommend. Step forward, then, the px 3 XL: the mean, clean android dream.

First published October 2018; updated January 2020.

Alternatives to lớn consider

Samsung Galaxy S10+


If you"re after the latest và the greatest, then the Samsung Galaxy S10+ outclasses the px 3 XL in many areas. The thiết kế is better, with the Infinity-O display better than Google"s massive notch. It has next-generation power, a microSD card slot as well as 3.5mm tai nghe socket và a fun ultra wide-angle camera to give you great photos. The battery also lasts a lot longer, while the software gives you many more options and functions.

Google px 4 XL


Updated for 2019, the pixel 4 XL removes the notch, but rolls in with a radar-based gesture system you can largely ignore. You still get a great camera experience, now boosted with a second telephoto lens, the latest game android software và a wonderful display.

ForOutstanding camera performance game android 10 is clean và fast High quality design & build No screen issues this time around