I have already talked about my love for Innisfree Green Tea line in my reviews posts of its cleanser và serum. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream is my third hàng hóa from the same line and like the previous counterparts, this one too has not disappointed me.

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To be honest this is the first moisturizer that I have tried from Innisfree và I am so glad that I did. So, let me get cracking on this ‘green’ baby và tell you why it got all my love while I was using it.

But, before I start let me tell you about my skin type which I believe is crucial in understanding the basis of my opinion.

My skin type: I would categories my skin as dehydrated, combination oily with visible pores, và marred by frequent acne breakouts.

innisfree oily skin cream

This green tea line has three moisturizers:

Green Tea Seed Deep Cream for severely dry skin.

Green Tea Seed Cream for normal khổng lồ dry skin

Green Tea Balancing Cream EX for oily & combination skin

Moisturizers are tricky choices for skin types lượt thích mine. Getting the one that hydrates well where it needs to và does not cause much trouble around is not easy. But with this one I just got lucky.

I bought this cream in winters of 2019 and although it is targeted for dry skin types it served me perfectly during dry, cold months. In summers, however, it feels a tad bit heavy on my skin during the daytime. But I lượt thích slathering it on at night especially after chemical exfoliating treatments. It provided adequate nourishment và is intensely soothing on the skin.

innisfree cream review

It absorbs into the skin immediately & does not leave any sticky or oily residue on the skin. The amazing fresh green tea-ish scent it has fades away once it absorbs into the skin. A point to chú ý if the scent is an area of your concern.

It wears well under makeup too. I mix in my high coverage foundation with this cream to get a BB coverage lượt thích effect on my skin. It sits well on the skin, after a light dusting of powder, I never noticed any separation or blotchy foundation issues on my skin throughout the day. Nor did I ever suffered from any other skin irritation while I was using this cream.

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Its moist & smooth gel texture is loaded with 16 kinds of amino acids to lớn help restore và hydrate the skin & give a clear và dewy complexion.

innisfree green tea cream review

The green tea extracts used in this particular line have been developed solely for Innisfree after a study on 2,401 varieties of green tea leaves. If anti-ageing, acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis or even skin cancer prevention is your area of concern then using a high-quality green tea sản phẩm in your skincare routine is considered a good option.

Apart from antioxidant, UV protectant, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic và antimicrobial Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract or Green it also consists of few other skin brightening & soothing ingredients.

Epigallocatechin Gallate aka EGCG is the utmost effective polyphenol that green tea has. It is an incredible antioxidant, soothing, anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic agent that is known to do good things to lớn our skin.

Note: khổng lồ know more about this hàng hóa inHindiclick the links below.
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The abundance of citrus extracts in it is something sensitive skins should take lưu ý of.

All I can say is that it is a good option for skin types like mine, especially during winters. The price too isn’t that devilish.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream is available for Rs. 1750 here.

Have you tried Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream? Did you lượt thích it? Which is your favourite moisturizer for oily skin?

NOTE: I am not a dermatologist; all the opinions I nói qua are based on my experience with the product/products. Skincare is a very personal thing… what works for me might not work for you…but my blog posts, & videos might give you an insight into new products và interesting ingredients to lớn try.

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