Hanz De Fuko Claymation


Introducing Claymation

If you are a gentleman who takes care of your hair with quality hair styling products you’ll have sầu already heard of Hanz de Fuko. The whole range is superb, made with Certified Organic Extracts and no Parabens. Alongside this eco-friendly approach, the products themselves are some of the best we’ve tried. There’s no eco-friendly approach purely for marketing purposes. Dependent on your style, the Hanz de Fuko range currently consists of 7 styling products and a shampoo & conditioner. There are excellent options for all hair types, lengths & styles, including Claymation.

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Claymation (56g) is getting some serious airtime within the industry but the beauty of Hanz de Fuko products is the ability to lớn phối the products together. Well Claymation does this already, and is made with a touch of Quicksvà. This combination formed a “clay-wax” hybrid which delivers a super high-hold for ultimate pliability. It’s perfect for semi-matte hairstyles.

The Details

Claymation contains all the best parts of a sculpting clay but combined with a proprietary blover of natural waxes. The result is easily achieved short-neat hairstyles, carefully sculpted pompadours và or creative works of art that last all day. It’s universally suitable for any hair style, and for those seeking a semi-matte finish.

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Just rub a finger-end’s worth between your palms then apply to dry hair for a pliable, semi-matte look, or to damp hair for natural sheen. Claymation is able to hold whatever style you opt for, all day long. And for us, we really enjoy how easily washed out it is (và off hands), the fragrance is subtle so won’t interfere with your cologne, và it just feels clean including non-greasy.

Claymation, £16 by HANZ DE FUKO at MANKIND


Graham mê Jones

Grasi mê Jones is the in-house writer and quality-sieve sầu at Ape HQ, with a keen interest in men"s grooming, style icons of yesteryear & Japanese whisky.