The golden mean? The HP.. EliteBook 840 G1 wants khổng lồ beat the business rivals from Lenovo and Dell. Thanks khổng lồ an extensive diet, the 14-inch device is thinner than ever, but you vì not have lớn waive a fast Chip Core i7 processor, sufficient memory and comprehensive features.

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14-inch devices offer a very popular compromise between the smaller subnotebooks & larger 15.6-inch laptops, especially in business environments. As a result, almost every manufacturer often offers several devices – & this applies forHewlett-Packardas well.

Let us start with the classification of the newEliteBook 840 G1. The name already suggests it; the EliteBook wants to lớn be a premium hàng hóa, which is one step above sầu theProBook 640 G1 in terms of both price và quality. The absolute spearhead on the other h& isthe wickedly expensiveEliteBook Folio 1040 G1, although some features have sầu been waivedto improve the mobility.

But the 840 G1 is certainly no bargain, either: The base configuration retails for almost 1,000 Euros (~$1384), & our reviews unit even costs around1,650 Euros (~$2283). For this price you get aChip Core i7-4600U, 8 GB RAM và a 180 GB SSD, furthermore an integratedUMTS moduleas well as two operating systems. More details on the different configurations are available in the chart below.

Competitors for the EliteBook are, for instance, theLenovo ThinkPad T440sas well as theDell Latitude E7440. We will continue lớn compare the EliteBook 840 G1 with these two rivals inthis Đánh Giá lớn facilitate your purchase decision.

Overview EliteBook 840 G1 configurations (excerpt):

Very sturdy metal case...
...made of aluminum and magnesium.

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At first glance, the EliteBook 840 G1 shares many similarities with its siblings, the8trăng tròn G1and850 G1. Nowonder: Curved shapes và a black-silver color scheme are basic design elements of the whole series from now on, so the individual models differ mostly in kích thước and weight. We measure a weight of1.78 kilograms(~3.9 pounds) for the 14-inch máy tính xách tay, which is just average within the competition. Still, the 2.1 centimet (~0.8 in) thiông xã 840 G1 can use the desiredUltrabook title& offers good mobility.

However, not only was the mobility important during the development; the case, which is made of aluminum và magnesium, also had khổng lồ prove sầu itsdurabilityduringmilitary tests according lớn MIL-STD 810G. HP’s clayên sounds realistic, since the base unit is extremely sturdy & handles concentrated pressure without problems.

The display cover, which is protected by a surrounding rubber lip, continues thehigh unique impression. The torsion-resistance is also on an excellent cấp độ, despite the thin construction. The hinges that connect the base unit và the display cover are very precise, but still smooth, so you can easily open the notebook with just one hand.

Apart from some details, there is no criticism concerning the build quality, either. The partly metallic surfaces, sometimes with asoft-touch coating, also provide very good haptics – the competition is not superior.

The EliteBook 840 G1 is a professional device và therefore offers a comprehensive port variety. A total offour USB 3.0 portsmean you can attach a lot of peripherals. External displays (up khổng lồ two) can be attached viađồ họa & DisplayPort. You will, however, have lớn waive sầu eSATA, the ExpressCard slot, as well as an optical drive – the price for the much smaller chassis construction compared lớn the predecessor. This is also the reason for the fold-outGigabit-Ethernet port.

HPhường distributed all ports along the sides of the case and focused on a practical layout. Only unusually wide connectors or USB sticks can bloông chồng adjacent ports, but there should not be any problems in most cases. Additional ports are offered by the optional"HPhường UltraSlyên Docking Station"for around 170 Euros (~$235), which – and this is rather unusual –is attached at the side of the notebook.