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The ZBook series may be new, but its first models are coming out with a bang. Following on the footsteps of the ZBook 17, the ZBook 15 is everything the EliteBook series is & more. We take a closer look at the $2999 model in this full review.

Mobile workstations are in a league of their own compared lớn consumer class or even business class notebooks. They are relatively large, pricey, bulky and anything but minimalistic. However, we’d be damned if they couldn’t get demanding workloads done swiftly & reliably.

The HP ZBook series succeeds the admittedly crowded ProBook/EliteBook series of workstations và starts afresh with a new, simpler naming convention. We touched upon the ZBook 17 in-depth late last year & walked away quite impressed. The new series is more than just a simple name change; it’s also the most overhauled iteration yet of an HP workstation.

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Our ZBook 15 in reviews continues this trend & is physically identical to its bigger brother including the chassis material và feel of the keyboard. The mã sản phẩm on hand is equipped with a Core i7-4800MQ, 16 GB DDR3L RAM, Quadro K610M graphics, 500 GB 7200 RPM HDD + 32 GB SSD cache và a 1080p display. Combined with its wide-reaching connectivity options, the ZBook 15 starts at $1699 và can vị trí cao nhất $2999 retail. How well does the ZBook 15 stand against the likes of Dell and Lenovo in the smartphone workstation arena?

Like the larger ZBook 17, case quality is excellent all-around on the ZBook 15. The aluminum alloy lid and bottom plate are rigid and will only warp minimally under moderate pressure. Resistance to lớn twisting và vibrations are also excellent on the lid, base & hinges, which is similar to lớn the EliteBook predecessors. Since the ZBook does not utilize a unibody design, certain areas lượt thích the inner display bezel and palm rests can feel plastic, but are otherwise thick and just as tough to lớn the touch.

The industrial design of the model is surprisingly attractive for a mobile workstation & compares favorably against Dell Precision models or the Lenovo ThinkPad W series, both of which incorporate boxier & generally more lackluster designs. HP advertises its wedge design of the ZBook as innovative and sleek, which isn’t saying much for a workstation, but is enough to stand out against its duller competitors. The rubberized perimeter & edges of the lid, for example, feel purely aesthetic, but notably adds to lớn the appeal of the all-matte & jet đen ZBook 15. HP has managed lớn build an aesthetically pleasing workstation while remaining relatively light (2.82 kg) and thinner (30.5 mm) than the ThinkPad W530 (2.81 kg, 36 mm) và Precision M4800 (3.18 kg, 40 mm).

A particular kiến thiết choice carried over from the EliteBook is the removable screwless plate underneath for quick access khổng lồ internals or HDD removal. According to lớn HP, the screwless thiết kế was a hot request from users who may not always have the appropriate tools ready, so general upgrades are made much easier. It would have been great to have the optical drive be an easily accessible modular bay for even more expandability, though this is a minor complaint.