You have a full operational comm& of the language. Your use of English is appropriate, accurate & fluent, & you show complete understanding.
You have a fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies and inappropriate usage. You may misunderstvà some things in unfamiliar situations. You handle complex detailed argumentation well.
You have sầu a fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies & inappropriate usage. You may misunderst& some things in unfamiliar situations. You handle complex detailed argumentation well.
You have sầu an operational commvà of the language, though with occasional inaccuracies, inappropriate usage và misunderstandings in some situations. Generally you handle complex language well & understvà detailed reasoning.
You have an operational comm& of the language, though with occasional inaccuracies, inappropriate usage and misunderstandings in some situations. Generally you handle complex language well and understand detailed reasoning.
Generally you have an effective sầu command of the language despite some inaccuracies, inappropriate usage and misunderstandings. You can use và understand fairly complex language, particularly in familiar situations.
Generally you have an effective sầu comm& of the language despite some inaccuracies, inappropriate usage & misunderstandings. You can use & understand fairly complex language, particularly in familiar situations.
You have a partial command of the language, and cope with overall meaning in most situations, although you are likely khổng lồ make many mistakes. You should be able to handle basic communication in your own field.
You have a partial command of the language, và cope with overall meaning in most situations, although you are likely lớn make many mistakes. You should be able to lớn handle basic communication in your own field.
Your basic competence is limited khổng lồ familiar situations. You frequently show problems in understanding & expression. You are not able to lớn use complex language.
Your basic competence is limited khổng lồ familiar situations. You frequently show problems in understanding and expression. You are not able to use complex language.
You convey & understand only general meaning in very familiar situations. There are frequent breakdowns in communication.
You convey and understvà only general meaning in very familiar situations. There are frequent breakdowns in communication.
1 Central : MARY JANE 2 address : ADDRESS 3 pool : POOL 4 reception : RECEPTION 5 view : VIEW 6 price(s) : PRICES 7 Spanish : BROCHURE 8 July : JULY 9 Cliffton : CLIFFTON 10 903036602 : 903036602 11 C : C 12 A : A 13 C : C 14 C : C 15 A : A 16 C : C 17 E : C 18 A : A 19 G : F 20 D : D 21 C : C 22 A : A 23 A : A 24 A : A 25 E : E 26 G : A 27 C : C 28 A : B 29 B : B 30 H : H 31 temperature : TEMPERATURE 32 movements : DAYLIGHT MOVEMENT 33 bones : BONES 34 bushes : BUSHES 35 roots : ROOTS 36 sharks : sharks 37 chicks : CHICKS 38 feathers : feather 39 space(s) : SPACE 40 diversity : DIVERSITY

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Reviews & Explanations:

Section 1: Questions 1-10

Questions 1-10

Complete the notes below.

Bạn đang xem: Ielts recent actual test with answers (vol 4) listening practice test 1

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Revision Note


• Problem with:the brochure sample

• Company name: 1 Hotel Chains

• Letters of the 2 should be bigger.

• The information of the 3 should be removed.

• Change the mô tả tìm kiếm under the top photo khổng lồ 4

• Use the picture with the 5 of the khách sạn.

• The 6 should be in red print.

• Translate inlớn 7

• Deadline: by the kết thúc of 8

• Address: No. 9 Green Drive, 9 , NY21300

• Telephone number: 10

1 Answer: Central
Listen from here Locate Explain Report


The words which lead you to lớn the answer are underlined.

The word/number you must write for the answer is marked.

words which you might wrongly think could be the answer are in italics.

Note: Question1will need lớn be answered with anAdjective.

You need to lớn complete the name’s company. The customer said that she come from Central Hotel Chains, so the blank before Hotel Chains needs to lớn be completed with Central.

Section 1
Section 2: Questions 11-trăng tròn

Questions 11-16

Choose the correct letter. A, B or C.


The most famous view in this park is

A the largest waterfall worldwide. B the longest river in the world. C the biggest sub-tropical rainforest in the world.
Answer: C
Listen from here Locate Explain Report


Note: All 3 options appeared in the audio: waterfall, longest river và biggest (largest) sub-tropical rainforest.

But the question is about “the most famous view”, it has a same meaning with “most renowed”. So we choose C (the biggest sub-tropical rainforest in the world) as the correct answer of this question.


According khổng lồ the tour guide, what is best to lớn bởi on top of the mountain?

A having a picnic B taking photos C strolling about
Answer: A
Listen from here Locate Explain Report


According to the tour guide, there is nothing better than having a picnic under the trees with your family.

He mentioned neither “taking photos” nor “strolling about”. So it is clearly that the correct answer of this question is A (having a picnic).


What did the tour guide recommover for more experienced walkers?

A the mountain trail B the Bush Traông chồng C the Creek Circuit
Answer: C
Listen from here Locate Explain Report

Q13 - Note:

The tour guide suggested that only expert hikers taken the Creek Circuit. In this question, “expert hikers” has a same meaning with “more experienced walkers”. “The Bush Track” is also appeared in the audio, but it is for “walkers” not for “expert”. The correct choosing is C (the Creek Circuit).


What is mentioned about the transport in the park?

A Bicycles can be hired. B Trams are available for tourists. C It is included in the bill.
Answer: C
Listen from here Locate Explain Report


According khổng lồ the tour guide, the transport in the park is covered in the bill. The word “covered” has the same meaning with “included”. So C (It is included in the bill) is the correct answer of question 14.


Which activity is provided for adults all year round?

A abseiling B bungee jumping C paragliding
Answer: A
Listen from here Locate Explain Report


Question 15

Abseiling (A) is available regardless of the weather. It mean that this activity is provided all year around.

Bungee jumping (B) and paragliding (C) are also available except for during the summer.

The answer is A (abseiling)


What should the visitors do before they go khổng lồ the restaurant?

A make bookings B inquire about availability C collect the meal ticket at the reception
Answer: C
Listen from here Locate Explain Report


About meals, the visitors just need to get their meal tickets at the reception before dining.

They no need to lớn make reservations (A) or worry about availability (B), so B and C is wrong answer.

The correct answer of question 16 is C (collect the meal ticket at the reception).

Questions 17-20

Label the plan below.

Write the correct letter, A-I, next lớn Questions 17-20.

17 ABCDEFGHI Campsite

18 ABCDEFGHI Business Centre


trăng tròn ABCDEFGHI Cafe

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Section 2
Section 3: Questions 21-30

Questions 21-24

Choose the correct letter,A, B or C.


How old are the students onthe nursing program?

A They are teenagers. B They are in their twenties C They belong khổng lồ different age groups
Answer: C
Listen from here Locate Explain Report


The question is “how old?”.

Helen said: “I was surprised by the diversity”. So you need to choose C (They belong lớn different age groups) as the correct answer of this question.

Do not hesitate about the answer B (twenties), because there were also those in their thirties or even forties.


What vị the speakers say about the group project?

A It helps khổng lồ improve relationship aước ao different classmates. B It helps to lớn develop problem solving skills. C It provides supportive learning environment.
Answer: A
Listen from here Locate Explain Report


Both answer A and answer B were mentioned in the audio. According khổng lồ Paul, A is more important.

So we need khổng lồ choose A (It helps khổng lồ improve relationship ahy vọng different classmates) as the correct answer of question 22.


Which part of the program surprised Paul?

A There’s a number of essays to lớn write. B There’s a lot of practical work. C There’s internship provided.
Answer: A
Listen from here Locate Explain Report


The word “surprised” has the same meaning with “amazed”. Paul was amazed by the amount of written assignments. So the correct answer is A (There’s a number of essays to lớn write).


What vì they feel about learning law?

A It is essential training. B It is too theoretical. C It takes up too much time.
Answer: A
Listen from here Locate Explain Report


At first they think that learning law is reduntdant và too time–consuming (answer C). But it is not the answer of this question because they realised that it is necessary in dealing with future medical disputes. This means that answer A (It is essential training) is the correct answer.

Questions 25-30

What are the suggestions offered by the speakers?

Choose SIX answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-H, next khổng lồ Questions 25-30.

A get feedbaông chồng from teaching staff
B bởi more reading
C get help from school supporting staff
D get help for nursing problems
E manage time properly
F be well prepared
G Reviews the notes regularly
H don’t set unrealistic goals

25 ABCDEFGH Essays

26 ABCDEFGH Lectures

27 ABCDEFGH Research

28 ABCDEFGH Online forum

29 ABCDEFGH Placement tests

30 ABCDEFGH Freshmen

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Section 3
Section 4: Questions 31-40

Questions 31-40

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Penguins in Africa

Appearance và lifestyle

They are also called Jackass Penguins for the sound they make.

The 31 of their body remains constant.

They restrict their 32 on land from dusk till dawn.

They cannot fly because they have heavy 33

They nest under 34

They eat tree 35


• seals

• 36

• seagulls (eat the penguin 37 )


They thảm bại 38 in winter.

They are fighting for nesting 39 and food because of human activities

In order lớn improve sầu survivorship, it is helpful lớn increase the 40 of their genes.

Section 4
Change Audio Sources

Source 1

Source 2



Good afternoon. Welcome khổng lồ Matrix Printing. I’m John Smith. How can I help you?


Good afternoon. I’m here khổng lồ reprint a brochure for our khách sạn. There are some pages that need revising.


Sure, how may I address you?


Oh, I’m Mary Jane from Central Hotel Chains. Nice to lớn meet you. I’ve got samples of the previous version.


I assume it is your company’s advertising brochure?




What exactly is the problem?


Well, it was printed the year before, so some of the information is already out-of-date. There are also a couple of problems with thelayout. Firstly, the letters of the address on the front page are fartoo small. It’s hard lớn see when glancing at the cover.


How big vì chưng you need it khổng lồ be?


Increase the letters by 3 fonts sizes.


Just a minute. Let me take notes of your requirements... OK, what else needs changing?


The information regarding the pool should be deleted, because it is currently under renovation and is not available.


So all of the relevant descriptions on page 2 should be removed? What vì chưng we replace it with? We can"t just leave the whole pageblank.


Just fill it in with the introduction of our newly-opened thể hình. I’ve sầu included all the relevant information here in this flash drive.


Let me kiểm tra...Um. I see. No problem then.


What is also bothering us is that the description under the top pholớn on page 4 is incorrect. The wore lounge needs khổng lồ be replacedwith reception.

Xem thêm: Review Kem Bông Cải Xanh Review Kem Bông Cải Xanh, Review Kem Bông Cải Xanh


Fully noted. Is that all?


No, there is more. Turn to lớn page 5. We feel that showing merely the picture of our exterior and interior decoration does not fullyrepresent the appeal of our khách sạn. On second thought, we’vedecided to lớn use a picture with the view of the khách sạn.


Do you have the original copy of the picture?


Yes, it is also enclosed in the flash drive.


OK, we’ll reedit the whole layout of the photos.




Let’s turn khổng lồ the next page.


Yes, what’s wrong with that? It seems perfectly fine khổng lồ me.


At first sight, it seems fine. But according to lớn the feedback of the customers, the prices vì not stvà out, so we want khổng lồ change theprint from black to lớn red khổng lồ make it pop out.


OK. I’ve sầu made notes of all your requests. Is there anything else?


I appreciate it. Just one final request. Could you translate the whole brochure into lớn Spanish? We have sầu customers worldwide, youknow, especially those from Latin countries.


No problem. What about other languages, lượt thích Japanese, Chinese or German? These are our most popular target languages.


I have to lớn ask the manager about the Chinese version. There’s been a surging number of Chinese clients during recent years. However,we don’t need German or Japanese translations as we currentlydon’t have sầu many customers from those two countries.


Sure. Just keep me updated.


So roughly when could we get the revised print? We need it before the over of July.


It’s late June now. Roughly it’ll take 3 weeks lớn reedit, so it will definitely be ready before the deadline.




To where shall we sover the samples?


The address is No. 9 Green Drive sầu, Cliffion, NY21300.


How do you spell Cliffion?


C-L-I-double F-T-O-N, Cliffion.


And the telephone number?


It’s 9-0-3-0-3-6-6-0-2. Also, if you have sầu any further questions, youcan reach me through this number.




Welcome to Byron National Park. 1 am Jyên Carson, your tour guide for the trip. First. I’d like to give sầu you some basic information about the park.

Covering 7,000 acres of lvà và spanning across 3 states, Byron National Park was established to lớn protect the area’s most spectacular scenic values. Withunique geolô ghích features, natural history & native plant and animal life, it isan igiảm giá destination for recreation as well as research purposes.The park hasa breathtaking waterfall connecting the longest river in the country, but it ismost renowned for having the largest sub-tropicalrainforestworldwide.Thereare many layers of tall, medium & low vegetation growing with seasonalvariations in the park. It is a place where the air seems green.

Ardent hikers can find an awesome array of options here. Apart from the dense greenrainforest, tourists can also hike along the mountain trail. Despite thestunning view, taking photos is not advised on the way up, I’m afraid, as onemight get distracted và the narrow trail by the sheer cliff is quite dangerous.When you reach the top of the mountain, there is nothing better than havinga picnic under the trees with your family.Accompanied mostly by wildlife,walkers as well as cyclists may find the Bush Traông xã a good choice for having atranquil time khổng lồ themselves.As your tour guide, I suggest that only expert hikerstake the Creek Circuit,because its beautiful and inspiring scenery through thesubtropical jungle is paralleled by its physical challenges.

A menu of transport is available within the park. Bicycles are a popular choice as it is the most flexible way lớn get around. Electric trams are temporarily closedfor maintenance. Boat trips down the river are an ikhuyến mãi way lớn spend a tranquilafternoon.Rest assured that transport within the park is covered in the bill.

Extreme sports is another highlight of the park. They are for adventurous grown-ups, especially those who are comfortable with having a racing heart.Scary as it may sound, it is actually safe to participate in extreme sports understrict instructions and cthua thảm supervision.Abseiling is available regardless of theweather.It is a fun way to lớn overcome fear of heights, gain new skills & get anadrenaline rush. Bungee jumping and paragliding are also available except forduring the summer.

At this point, you might worry about meals here. Well, even though there is only one restaurant in the park at the moment, the variety of dishes is astonishing.There are two meals included in the price.Just get your meal ticket at thereception before dining.Also, there is no need khổng lồ make reservations or worryabout availability since there are plenty of tables.

During your stay here, you might want lớn know what there is to vị. Let’s turn khổng lồ the plan so I can familiarise you with the layout of the park.

Most tourists would choose khổng lồ stay in our guesthcuselocated in the southeast comer. It features 63 tastefully appointed guest rooms, many of which offerspectacular views of the park. You’ll find a trang chủ away from trang chủ at our guesthouse.

But for those who want khổng lồ experience the natural beauty up-cđại bại, there is also a campsite.When you get out of the guesthouse, go straight ahead, turn rightat the end of the road. To your left, there is a campsite amongst the treeswhereyou could spkết thúc a night under the stars together with owls & chipmunks.

If you look at the top left of the plan, you will notice a picnic area. You can either bring your own food or we can deliver food khổng lồ you.Barbequeis anoption.The Business Centre is situated directly opposite the picnic area.Itprovides flexible, fully serviced offices, conferencing suites, meeting rooms andis equipped with the latestmulti-truyền thông facilities. Wired as well as wireless highspeed Internet is available within the entire premises. The Centre is designed tocater lớn both individual travellers và corporate groups.

Visitors can also go to lớn the museum which holds a vast collection, that exhibits local history and a natural habitat.You start from the guesthouse, just turn leftat the first conjunction, then walk past theteahouse, turn right. You’ll see themuseum after making the 3rd right.Have you found it?...Pretty easy, right?

To spend a delightful afternoon with a book và a fresh cup of coffee, you can go to the onlycafein the park.From the guesthouse you go straight, then takethe 2nd right & you’ll see thecaferight in front of you.

You might want to lớn kiểm tra out our all-season tennis court which offers instruction for all ages và skill levels. It is located right opposite thecafe...



Helen & Paul, congratulations khổng lồ you both for doing so well the past semester. You two have sầu exhibited an impeccable performance duringyour first year in the nursing program. I’d lượt thích lớn get some feedbackfrom the two of you lớn better improve sầu the program và khổng lồ provideguidance for our prospective sầu students. I’d like khổng lồ start with you, Helen.So first of all, which aspect of the program impressed you?


Well, to lớn be honest, whenIwas enrolled into the course, I was expecting a group of classmates my age. But asIstepped into the classroomfor the first time,Iwas surprised by the diversity. Most were in theirtwenties, but there were also those in their thirties or even forties. Asit turns out, theintergenerationalcommunication has sparked intensedebate và new thinking, và I think that’s something special about theprogram thatIappreciate very much.


What about you, Paul? What do you think of the program?


For me the group project we carried out last semester is another key feature of the program. The whole class was divided inkhổng lồ 8 differentgroups working on 8 perspective cases. Team building sessions wereconducted in a collaborative way most of the time. Comprised of fivemembers, our group studied acutepancreatitis. During the process,we broke the task inkhổng lồ different parts & assigned them to lớn eachmember. We were then able khổng lồ tackle the complex problem by poolingour knowledge and skills. More importantly, stronger links wereestablished between the group members. Because of the project, we’veall become good friends.


That’s true. According lớn graduates, group projects prepare them for the work world in which teamwork and collaboration are increasinglythe norm. So tell me, Paul, what else vày you like about the program?


I want to lớn be a registered nurse working in a public hospital after graduation. So the internship provided is a valuable opportunity forclinical practice in a supportive learning atmosphere. However, I wasamazed by the amount ofwrr.ten assignments since I thought thecourse should have sầu focused more on practice-oriented learning.


Well, I have sầu khổng lồ disagree with you, Paul. The essays demonstrate your understanding of the course. For me, writing essays is a process thatinvolves critical thinking which challenges me lớn develop my pointsmore thoroughly. I thus managed khổng lồ gain a diversity of perspectives.


The program is designed khổng lồ deliver basic and advanced theoretical knowledge of core concepts including health care systems concepts,together with practicum or clinical practice experience to lớn bridge theclassroom nội dung khổng lồ the practice setting. So I’m afraid written work isunavoidable. Also this year, we’ve sầu added a module of law. How vì chưng youfeel about that?


At first we felt that learning law is kind of redundant & too time-consuming. After a few sessions, we realised that it is necessary in dealing with future medical disputes.


Do you have sầu any suggestions for prospective sầu students?


What bothers me most is handing in essays on time. I almost missed the deadline once because there were three essays due within the sameweek. So rationalising your time is critical.


Well, that’s true. The lectures deliver so much useful information. I have poor memory so I kept making notes & revisiting them on aregular basis. To my surprise, at the over of the semester, I have sầu learntthe key concepts by heart.


How was the research? I heard that it was quite challenging. How did you manage to lớn overcome the difficulties?


That’s true. The majority of us had no clue how to carry out the retìm kiếm at first. Fortunately, when I was digging up reference materials at thelibrary, I sought help from the librarian. She taught me about finding theappropriate resources và choosing the proper research methods.


Have you checked out the online forum?


Yes, it has become a habit for me to visit the forum regularly. In asense, it extends classroom learning. It is where the students post academic problems that they come across & get support from thefaculty members.


Some of my classmates didn’t vày so well during the placement tests. I feel that background reading is necessary.


Lastly, do you have sầu anything lớn say to lớn the freshmen?


I was really ambitious at first, trying khổng lồ get straightA’son my transcript. I made tons of notes & worked hard even on the optionalassignments to get extra credit. I stressed myself out before having anemotional breakdown. After consulting myadvisor, I found it importantto set realistic goals. Don’t push yourself too hard. It is wise lớn sort outyour priorities.


Thank you for coming here today & providing valuable feedbaông chồng on the program. Have a great summer break.


Good morning everyone. Today’s lecture is about a type of adorableanimal—the penguin. When you think of penguins, you may picture them surrounded bysnow and ice. But not all penguins live where it’scold—Africanpenguins livein the southern tip of Africa. They are usually found within 40 kilometres of theshore and on a number of its surrounding islands.

African Penguins are also known as Jackass Penguins, because they make donkey-like braying sounds khổng lồ communicate. African penguins can keep theirbodytemperatureat a stable level. But their lvà habitat can get quite warm,so there are a number of ways for them to stay cool. They limit their daylightmovementson breeding sites on lvà lớn early mornings and early evenings toavoid too much sun. The pink glands above their eyes can help them cope withthe temperate climates. Like other penguins, African penguins spend most of theday feeding in the ocean, which also helps keep them cool.

Being a type of small lớn medium sized penguin species, African penguins average about 60 centimetres tall & weigh up lớn 3.6 kilograms. They have sầu ablack stripe and a pattern of quality blaông xã spots on their chest. Males are largerthan females và have sầu larger beaks. Even though they are categorised as birds, African penguins aren’t able lớn fly because of their heavybones. Their wings aremore lượt thích flippers that make them particularly suited for life in the water. Whenthey’re on land, their flippers & their tails help them keep their balance andwalk upright.

African Penguins begin khổng lồ breed at the average age of four. When a male và female pair up, they tend to breed together for the rest of their lives. Most otherpenguins nest and lay their eggs out in the open, but African penguins have sầu adifferent approach. They digholesunder bushes out of their own excrement,called guano, so they are sheltered from the sun và predators.

The African Penguin survives on a diet that is comprised mainly of marine organisms. They feed primarily on fish like sardines, along with the occasionalsquid and shellfish. But when normal food is in short supply, they eat treerootsas well. The streamlined toàn thân of the African Penguin allows it lớn move throughthe water like a rocket, capable of reaching a speed of around đôi mươi kilometres perhour when hunting for food.

The African Penguin’s smaller form size means that it has many predators both in the water and also on dry l&. Their natural predators at sea include seals andsharks. The biggest threat to lớn them on l& is not just towards the adult penguins.The penguin chicks are sometimes taken by seagulls inkhổng lồ the air và droppedfrom above sầu. The seagulls could thus feed on them.

At risk from predators, young penguins are protected for about 40 days after hatching by both parents. They will leave the colony when they are between 3 to5 months old & will return a few years later. The entire surface of their body isdensely covered withfeathers, which fall off during the winter. This process iscalledmolting& takes about three weeks lớn complete. During that time, theyare unable lớn forage. Therefore prior to lớn this, African penguins spover about fiveweeks laying down fat deposits.

They generally live sầu between 10 to lớn 15 years, however many bởi not reach their full life span. Their population has drastically declined. Approximately 120,000African penguins remain in the wild, và their population has decreased by 90%in the past 60 years. They are considered to lớn be vulnerable & have been listed as being endangered. Two major factors have contributed to lớn their decline. They are struggling for nesting space due lớn human disruption & competing for food due lớn overfishing and pollution.

With the limited number of breeding pairs,survivorshipbecomes difficult for African penguins. This makes them especially vulnerable as environmentalconditions change or an outbreak of a disease occurs. For instance, avianmalaria has caused 27% of the captive-breeding penguins’ deaths annually. Themore geneticdiversitythere is within a species, the higher the likelihood that atleast some of the individuals will adapt and survive sầu.