New: Tint Sticks Review! Innisfree Glow Tint Stick & The Face Shop Ink Gel Stick

Summer is over và done, và I finally feel lượt thích wearing makeup again!Seriously, July & August were entirely dedicated khổng lồ sunscreen, waterproof eyeliner and beloved liptints, if anything. Some of these beloved ones are shown below~

This Review has been a long time coming - it"s for the Glow Tint Stiông chồng by Inniskhông tính tiền, which I"ve previously reviewed both for shade #6 & shade #7. I loved these so much that I grabbed #2 & #3 when there was a buy one, get one không lấy phí event baông chồng in May.While I"ve worn both colors a lot during summer, I never had the opportunity lớn use them together with foundation và actual makeup so I didn"t take pictures until recently.

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Since I"ve already introduced the principles of the Glow Tint Stiông xã in my previous nhận xét, this is more of a shade comparison. Some of the shades vị look quite similar & the official swatches aren"t very reliable, so I thought I"d throw my own swatch pictures into lớn the phối.From left lớn right: #2, #3, #6, #7.Shade #2 và #3 are both coral shades, và they vày look quite similar at first glance. I was a bit worried that they"d be too similar to #6 as well, but their subtle differences are actually a lot more obvious once applied on the lips.

As a lover of corals & orange lip colors, this whole Glow Tint Stichồng color selection is a dream come true. According khổng lồ innisfree, the colors were inspired by Jeju"s sunsets, so... yup, might just be true.


Shade #2 is called "Clementine Spring Sunshine"This coral shade is actually a truer orange than I expected, with hints of clementine (Jeju is famous for its clementines, so the title is a double fit). While it"s a lot lighter and leaning more yellow than #6, it"s still bright & saturated và perfect for summer days!
#3 is kind of hard to lớn translate - 일렁이는 코랄빛 호수, which is the rippling waters of a coral-colored lake. There ya go.

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This is a more peachy & milky coral shade. Where #2 is bright, this one is more muted, but the pigmentation & coverage are great anyway! It also holds up surprisingly well when it comes khổng lồ staining power, with the lips tinted peachy even after meals.
I also really like to combine the lighter shades with the darker ones for slight gradation lips. While I hate gradation looks where the outer edge of the lips is covered with concealer or completely nude, I bởi vì lượt thích lớn experiment with color combinations. The texture of these works really well when it comes lớn layering and blending, & due to the Glow Tint Stick"s thin size, detailed application is easy even without a lip brush.
How girly does #3 look? I hope I can still pull this off - by Korean age counting system I"m nearing my thirties. :")It"s a bit too peachy to count as a MLBB color, but I vì chưng use it quite lượt thích one.
#2 is a fun, bright shade that I love to lớn wear with simple eye makeup. Since the staining power of this is great (especially considering that it"s one of the three lighdemo shades in the collection) it"s great for outdoors-y days.These Glow Tint Sticks are just some of my favorites in general. Easy to apply, great colors, great pigmentation, light-weight texture, easy lớn transport (no leaking, no breaking), beautiful staining power, no settling in lip lines... I kind of want to get even more shades! Maybe something deeper for winter/fall? Don"t tempt me, innismiễn phí, don"t tempt me.

Beautiful pictures Evy :) If they come out with something for the winter, I'd definitely purchase some!