Innisfree Green Tea Seed Deep Cream

Today I"m going to đánh giá something that I actually had for some time now, it"s Innisfree"s The Green Tea Seed Deep Cream. Retail for KRW 22.000, it"s a new addition to the "Green Tea SEED" line (not to be mistake with Green Tea "PURE" line - which I"ve mistaken before with my cleansing water, read here!).

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The Green Tea Seed line is one of Innisfree"s most famous line & I personally have been using their serum for sometime now. But I don"t actually own anymore products from that line, until I purchase this!As the weather cooling up, the daily moisturizer I used everyday is not enough to lớn protect my skin against Busan"s super strong drying winds. And the moisturizer I have is too sticky & too creamy khổng lồ use during the day, plus if double it up with makeup, it will literally suffocate my face (It"s NP"s steam cream, Read reviews HERE).


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I swatched these on the store, và I was like, finally.....FINALLY! A super moisturizing, thick & heavy cream but didn"t felt oily & sticky at all!! I was super excited but a still contemplating on purchasing or not, but in the end I got back there and bought the cream!In the box it stated :
And as Innisfree is famous for its natural ingredients, I"ll just believe that it wont contain stuff that are bad for your skin and health (5-free-system)
The product itself contain 50ml but Innisfree efficiently used the jar to its maximum; I assume to lớn reduce the usage of plastic for the jar"s production? :)

Unlike the serum that has a strong scent (that I like, definitely not a green tea scent, floral-and-sweet-with-a-super-little-sprinkle-of-green-tea kinda of scent) this cream almost didn"t have any scent at all. It does have a very faint scent similar khổng lồ the Green Tea Seed Serum but it"s not recognizable.As I said before, this deep cream is very thick. I bởi vì need khổng lồ use this generously because it"s kinda hard khổng lồ spread as it"s so thick & also very easy lớn absorb by the skin! That"s the super good thing about this product, even though it"s heavy & thick, it gets absorbed khổng lồ the skin almost instantly and didn"t make my whole face felt thick or felt like using a lot of product.Some of you might be concerned for the hygiene as you have lớn scoop out the product with your fingers. Feel miễn phí to scoop them out with a cốt tông swap as it didn"t come with a scooper / spatula or that kinda stuff.
Overall, this is 5 out of 5 for me! It"s puuuurfect for this autumn / winter season to lớn prevent dryness + I"m pretty sure my blemishes decreased after daily usage. It does cost me a fortune :( and I have lớn scoop out more hàng hóa than i would usually with my other creams. But, since I only wear it in the day, (still wearing the NP"s steam cream in the night!) i think it could last me for months or so! :)Thankyou so much for reading! :DP.S the reason I didn"t write the nhận xét asap is because I don"t want my blog khổng lồ be filled only with Innisfree products :( although I really love them :( haha
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