I bought these two from an online siêu thị because I wanted to lớn try their velvet matte lipstichồng with spring color.

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Real Fit Velvet Lipstick is a lipstiông chồng made of gel complex with oil and pigment khổng lồ moisturize the lips skin

The Velvet Lipstichồng case và bullet is the same with Creammellow Lipstickvà Real Fit Creamy Lipstichồng.
But because I have Real Fit Creamy #10 & Real Fit Velvet #2, I couldn"t differentiate the bottom color easily.


If not, it would be the same as any other matte creamy lipstichồng,which is a bit dry & same texture with Etude House Rosy Tint Lips.The color #8 is the main color which Yoo Na used in the CF & picture ads.

Above sầu : full lips, below : gradationWhen put it as full lips, it shows a dark beige color or brown.It looks very creamy, but dry.Despite all of that, it doesn"t emphakích cỡ my dry lips, except if you put it on wet surface it would craông chồng.Not a big problem for me so it is okay.The finishing is a velvet matte lips and staying power is good for drinking.
Meanwhile, if I use it as a gradation, it will be very soft và dễ thương.The gradation is turning khổng lồ pink-beige color, good for spring makeup look và daily.It is easy khổng lồ create a gradation from this lipstiông xã.Just swipe with finger around the outer lips area lượt thích in the CF.But if you don"t want khổng lồ dirt your hand, you can use tissue which gives similar function.Staying power for gradation look is almost the same with the full lipstick. 02. Inniskhông tính tiền Real Fit Velvet Lipstick #8 Cherry Blossom PinkThis one too.Since Cherry Blossom Pink is bold when Yoo Na wore it, I was afraid I not lớn wear it often.I was at a lost between 8, 9, 10.But 10 would be similar to 2, và 9 is too purple-ish so I kept choosing 8.

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Cherry Blossom Pink is this range"s main color, wore by Yoo Na.It looks lượt thích very purple-ish on the ads.But in real time, it is a bright pink-red color.I agree with a bit purple, but not that much.It is indeed a cherry blossom flower, but too bold to be called cherry blossom.Anyway, I"m emerge in the bright color even though it is not my daily color.
When used it fully, it creates a bright pink-red finish.The lips will be the main show for a whole face!It is xinh tươi but feminine at the same time.Be careful if you touch the lips using this color, it will leave sầu a stain on another place.So I must rub carefully to lớn clean it if I want lớn touch up, so the lip color won"t stain my skin around lips.Very long-lasting as if it gives stain.Same as #2, it is a creamy matte lipstichồng if used on full lips.
Left : gradation, right : fullAnd if used as a gradation, it would be a đáng yêu bright velvety pink.It is very pretty & dễ thương, suitable for daily activities when you want to brighten your complexion.I personally like to use it as a gradation since it is very xinh tươi.I love this color the most when it is in gradation.
Left : gradation, right : full. Just cut my hair recently. You"ll see some new post with long hair because it"s an old picture, but after that, it will be short for the entire months. I"ll grow it baông chồng after this ^ ^ Does it suit me? I feel like the left photo lớn with gradation lips looks similar khổng lồ Hondomain authority Tsubasa...Overall, I really love the Velvet lipstiông xã. It is different than Creammelow & Real Fit Creamy.But almost similar lớn Creamy Tint Lip Mousse, in a lipstichồng bullet.It almost didn"t have a scent, just a slight matte/creamy lipstick would have sầu.Staying power a quite long because it is matte và fit khổng lồ lips, especially bold color.I prefer #2 for daily use và #8 gradation lớn create a bright complexion.But I personally lượt thích #8. I just need lớn be brave and wear it bold!
- For some people, matte lipstick will be very dry. But not me. And using on wet lips will give cracked cream.

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