My today’s post will be about inniskhông tính tiền whitening pore cream reviews. I have sầu been using since two weeks. I have already reviewed innismiễn phí pore whitening serum which you can checkout here.

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Price : INR 2300 for 50mlProduct Description

Jeju tangerine peel squeeze from organic tangerine grown in the Island of Jeju & has six types of citrus flavonoids which is effective sầu in keeping the skin smooth, clean & bright. It is Combined with functional active sầu ingredients, it works on dull, uneven skin và pores to keep the skin clean & flawless.

Squeezed fresh tangerine peel essence for refreshing & brighter skin: Fresh tangerine peel essence made by squeezing fresh tangerine peel harvested in Jeju Islvà contains six types of citrus flavonoid for brighter, clearer skin. Correcting skin tone, dark spot, pore care, brightens dull & uneven skin tone và inhibits melanin generation in skin for a clear, radiant complexion. Coated with radiance và protects it for smoothness. It is light weight & refreshing moisture penetrates fast lớn fill your skin with moisture as if it has been coated with radiance and protects it for smoothness.



It has extremely light fragrance of oranges which is hardly noticeable.

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Inniskhông tính phí Whitening Pore Cream Review And My Experience

Inniskhông tính tiền whitening pore cream is White, thiông chồng and has balm like texture. The formula is creamy but non-oily và non-greasy that gets absorbed quickly và doesn’t khung any Trắng cast. Also, it does not feels oily or greasy on my face. My skin feels instantly soft and smooth but after 1 khổng lồ 2 hours it started feeling stretchy. Even if I use big portion of cream, it fails to keep my skin moisturized for long time. So, I layer this above my hydrating serum & I found that this cream helps in better absorption of the hàng hóa I use beneath.

I have sầu been using it every night since two weeks và noticed that it adds a very nice sheen và radiance khổng lồ my skin. Now, my skin looks kind of fresh and rejuvenated. It does helps fade away dullness from my skin. Being a whitening cream, it has never irritated my skin and also does not broke me out.

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 Extremely mild fragrance Leaves a matte finish Non greasy No Trắng cast Adds a radiance khổng lồ skin (little bit) Rejuvenates skin Does not irritate or broke me out


Not suitable for very dry, oily & acne prone skin ExpensiveOverall Rating: 4 / 5

Overall I’m really impress with Inniskhông tính phí Pore Whitening Cream result but this cream fails lớn provide enough moisture lớn my skin. It helps me get rid of dullness while also rejuvenates skin. However, result aren’t too prominent but it definitely makes positive sầu changes khổng lồ my skin. Furthermore, I wouldn’t recommover this cream to acne prone skin và very dry/oily skin type.

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