Honestly, I did not walk into Innisfree with the intention of buying much and yet, the longer I spent in the store, the more and more I found I wanted to try new products. I start off thinking that I would buy a large size of the volcanic clay mask (which I did) và ended up with an entire basket full – in fact, I think I still ended up spending the most out of three of us and I didn’t usually use many of Innisfree products. In the end, I realised that I’m simply a sucker for anything that feels hydrating and smells good. I’m easily bought over.

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This one is a sleeping pack that was recommended lớn me by a sales lady in Edae (she was the best, khổng lồ be honest). Initially, I wasn’t planning on buying it because I felt that the wine scent was too strong but, after around ten minutes, I realised that I was addicted khổng lồ smelling it. I ended up purchasing both the sleeping pack và the peeling gel; they were very affordable too.

After some (very fun) testing, I’m now ready to vị the review! So read on lớn find out my thoughts.


The pot is pretty standard for Innisfree – it’s wide with a flat top, a paper soy ink printed label & the Innisfree biểu tượng logo (or is it a symbol) on the đứng đầu of the lid. I find that most of their packaging looks very similar, so it all sits nicely together. It’s quite sturdy and made of plastic, so it’s not heavy to carry around for travel nor easy khổng lồ break. The sleeping pack is a bit big though so I don’t think it is perfect for travelling – perhaps decanted, it will be more portable.

My main issue with these labels though, is that they are printed on uncoated paper. It’s great for the environment, but means that it will tear và melt if exposed khổng lồ water. It’s not a huge issue though & I think the argument for & against depends on your own opinions. It does look very nice though and all of Innisfree products have a clean, simple aesthetic. It’s not super classy, but it also looks like a good chất lượng product.


Ingredients are listed on the back but, as people might have noticed, I don’t tend khổng lồ put these onto the blog (as they can be easily found và often mean nothing to lớn me) unless I am breaking down the main elements. Regardless, here is the mô tả tìm kiếm from Amazon:

A hydrating sleeping pack-enriched with red wine extracts from France – helps gently lift away dead skin cells & provide moisture. Creates clear & elastic jelly-like skin with its shape-memory barrier, unveils a softer smoother more radiant and revived complexion.

There is definitely a strong, distinct grape/wine scent khổng lồ this (which I love) but it isn’t overwhelming like I originally thought it would be. I actually find it kind of soothing, much lượt thích the Laneige sleeping pack though the scent is stronger. It does fade though, so it won’t be interrupting your sleep. I would say that most of it is gone within 5 minutes, and is strongest upon first application.

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The texture is also really interesting! It has a shape-memory barrier and a jelly lượt thích texture, which I hadn’t realised as first. As you can see, after you spoon it out (or somehow ruin the prettiness), the jelly only takes around 5 minutes to lớn settle again into the perfect smoothness it was at the beginning. This mostly had an aesthetic value but, I imagine, would be a really great trait once you’ve applied it khổng lồ your face. I feel like it would very smoothly coat your skin và maintain that hydration.

Below is how it looks on my skin & applied! The formula is very smooth và soft, with a lovely scent. It absorbs easily into the skin, even with my thick layers of skincare underneath, và doesn’t leave a greasy residue. I would say that it’s between a cream và gel formula – a bit thicker than a gel but no where near as heavy as a cream. It’s very relaxing and would be appropriate for all seasons.

I apply this with a medium generosity (not too thin và not too heavy handed) & it is all absorbed và works overnight. I’m usually left with a little bit of white flakes (dried residue) but that’s easily washed off.


My skin the next morning is left very hydrated & supple. I don’t notice any whitening/brightening effects and I’m not sure how great it is for ‘lifting dead skin’, but it’s a great moisturiser. With continuous use of these sleeping masks (I keep this on my bed side so I don’t forget), I’ve been having khổng lồ use less skincare underneath my hóa trang as my skin condition is properly prepped by the morning.

Overall, it’s a very good sản phẩm for the price. It smells great and it’s fun. I wouldn’t say that it’s a mind blowing, HG product, but it’s good for people who want to try new things (or those who are on a budget).

Here’s the verdict!


Sturdy & brand cohesive packagingSoy prints and uncoated paper stock (for the environmentally conscious)Really lovely wine/grape scentFun memory-barrier textureSmooth and easy applicationHydrates very wellAffordable


Not very travel friendlyDoesn’t come with a spatula (of all products, I really feel like this one needs a spatula)Labelling can’t touch waterStrong initial scentNot obvious brightening effect


I think I will! I love sleeping masks and I also love khổng lồ try new ones, but I am just simply addicted to lớn the scent of this line! I really wish that they would bring out more products because I would definitely use a cream, emulsion, toner and serum (just so I can smell wonderful all the time). I’ll be recommending this to my friends too and (possibly) purchasing it as gifts. The price point is also great.


I got mine from the Innisfree store in Edae, Seoul & I know that most people aren’t able lớn travel that far for a sleeping mask (though we all wish we could). Below are links to three different sites that all carry this so you can definitely kiểm tra them out! All three are sponsors for Oh My Stellar and are trusted websites that I always recommend và purchase from myself.


Don’t forget khổng lồ use my code at BB Cosmetic for 8% off your purchase: QAL3F6ZA8YZ