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The iPhone 11 wasn’t a bad phone, but Pro versions improved on it significantly. With a bigger, better screen, a longer-lasting battery, and big camera upgrades, the iPhone 11 Pro Max in particular was some way ahead. But that was a couple of years ago, and today’s big iPhone is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Is it worth saving a fortune with a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max? Our iPhone 11 Pro Max review explains all.

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The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the flagship, enlarged version of the iPhone 11. Launched with the rest of the family in September 2019, the phone was available new until the iPhone 12 Pro Max replaced it, in October 2020.

This phone has a number of important upgrades over the iPhone 11. Most notably, its large 6.5” OLED screen is a major improvement over the standard phone’s smaller LCD. It gets a bigger battery, và a more impressive triple camera system, yet it’s barely any larger than the standard iPhone 11.

There’s lots lớn like, then, including the fact you can buy a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max for less than half the price of today’s iPhone 13 Pro Max. But is it worth buying into a phone that’s a couple of generations old? Our iPhone 11 Pro Max đánh giá explains all.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max features the same ‘bezel-free’ design seen in the iPhone 11. Put the two in your hand, though, và you’d barely notice one is a plus-sized version of the other. While the iPhone 11 is larger than the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is fractionally smaller than its newer equivalents. The over result is that the Max mã sản phẩm is just 7mm longer & 2mm wider than the model it’s meant lớn enlarge.

At the same time, it does offer a bigger screen. Its 6.5” display works out around 14% larger than the iPhone 11’s 6.1. The glass that protects it stretches towards the phone’s edge, where it tapers down towards the curved metal sides. These are stainless steel on Pro cấp độ iPhones, and feel cool and smooth lớn the touch.

While the thiết kế feels great lớn hold, it is too large for comfortable single-handed use. It’s also worth noting that the screen glass isn’t as strong as the Ceramic Shield of newer phones – the iPhone 11 Pro Max definitely needs a case for added protection. & while it’s waterproof lớn two metres for 30 minutes, newer iPhones are tested khổng lồ three times that depth.

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Although they launched at the same time, this phone’s display is comprehensively better than the 6.1” LCD fitted lớn the iPhone 11. Aside from being bigger, it’s an OLED panel, meaning that it forms a picture from millions of tiny LED lights. It’s brighter, has a higher contrast level, và in theory should be more efficient too.

Perhaps more importantly, it has a much higher resolution. Its 2,688×1,242 dimensions mean it has more than twice as many pixels as the iPhone 11’s 1,792×828 screen. The result is something incredibly crisp, where you simply can’t see any jagged lines.

Since the iPhone 12, all iPhones have come with OLED screens, so this phone’s display isn’t much better than, say, the standard iPhone 13. It’s a huge improvement over the iPhone 11, though.

While the iPhone 11 gets a 12-megapixel (MP) dual-camera thiết lập at the rear, the iPhone 11 Pro Max improves on it with a third, telephoto lens. This extends the phone’s optical zoom range from 2X to 4X, & with digital help this stretches to a very handy 10X. It’s easier lớn fill more of the frame with a portrait, or lớn capture more detail without approaching the subject. Optical image stabilisation steadies the telephoto and wide lenses, helping reduce shake và blur.

Otherwise, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has the same camera performance as the iPhone 11. It offers a range of powerful and creative photo modes, including an impressive night mode, và multiple portrait modes. There’s tư vấn for 1080p HD and 4K đoạn phim recording at up to lớn 60 frames per second (fps), and HD slo-mo at up to lớn 240fps. The front-facing 12MP camera offers many of the same features, although it’s limited khổng lồ software stabilisation, along with a maximum 120fps when shooting slo-mo.

Both cameras produce decent results – they’re more than good enough to capture selfies, group shots and decent landscapes. Night mode is strong, particularly when using the rear camera, but it’s not as impressive as on the iPhone 12, or the brilliant iPhone 13 Pro. If you’re shooting professionally, invest in a Pro level iPhone 13 if you can. If you just want a great all-round phone camera, this will do nicely.

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