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Meet the Talented Idol, Jiwon

Jiwon or Kang Jiwon participated in the KBS survival show ‘The Unit’. ‘The Unit’ is a program that gives a fair chance to lớn idols who have already debuted but haven’t become widely known by the public, offering them a chance khổng lồ show their talent. Jiwon participated in this show because she is a former member of the girl-group, Spica. The group debuted in 2012 và disbanded in 2017. Before that, she had already failed khổng lồ debut twice, once with Five Girls & again with T-ara. Jiwon was praised by the mentor on her very first performance, when she performed “Tonight” by Spica.

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The mentor said she had all four elements, singing ability, nhảy đầm, great stage presence, and a stunning visual. Jiwon passed the first elimination with super boost in only 30 seconds, which means that 90 percent of the audience voted for her. In the final episode Jiwon ended up ranked 6th, so she could debut with eight other girls as UNI.T. But, sadly, the group only lasted five sầu months of promotion & only released two mini albums before their disbandment.

Now let’s check out her disbandment story!

Beautiful Idol As A Part-Time Worker


On the teaser of ‘The Unit’ it was revealed that there was a contestant who was working delivering juice early every morning. The person who’s wearing a green jacket was Jiwon. Jiwon started working early in the morning so that afterwards she could practice & audition. Jiwon did that because she didn’t have anything to lớn vị after her disbandment from Spica in 2017. She also didn’t take any lessons lớn kill her leisure time. She needed khổng lồ make money & pay for her rent, that’s why she choose this job.

She’s a really strong person, even though she knows that many people already knew her face she wasn’t embarrassed lớn bởi vì this Job. Jung Hye-sung, her actress cthua frikết thúc, even gave sầu Jiwon 1 million won (approximately $900) in cash along with a letter for her birthday during this difficult period. She was thankful for that but she didn’t want khổng lồ burden other people, so she did what she she could vày, finding a job that she capable of doing. 

Keep Pursuing Music During Hard Time


Jiwon’s dream since she was a kid was to lớn be a singer. Ever since elementary school, every time people asked what she wanted lớn be in the future she always answered ‘singer’. So she kept pursuing this career by joining ‘The Unit‘. Jiwon is actually one of the contestants who had a really long training period. She’d already started in the music industry before 2007, but she didn’t give sầu up even though she would start from the bottom again, from trainee life & living together in the dorm.

It didn’t mean that she’s not afraid, though. Jiwon said “My dream to lớn debut every year changed inlớn despair.” She also added “Honestly, I was really scared.” She knows it’s really hard khổng lồ realize her dream, but she can’t give it up so she’s trying again by challenging herself in this program. And it’s paid off, she passed the first performance with super boost. She had to compete against a lot of younger contestants, because she was turning 30 when she joined the show & many contestant were still in their teens. She said “Rather than feeling generational differences, I’ve found the differences in energy khổng lồ be a little challenging. I’m sitting down a lot.”

Check out her very first performance and a little backstory here!

Popular Trainee on ‘The Unit’

The contestants’ first mission was lớn feature in The Unit‘s music video clip. They had lớn size a group of 9 people & go on lớn make their music đoạn phim, and if they won they would receive sầu a production budget of $500,000 dollars. Soon after the mission was announced, Serri from Dalshabet rushed to Jiwon to and grabbed her to lớn be in the same team as her. Jiwon didn’t find any difficulty in forming a team but she didn’t get a chance khổng lồ be on the same team as Hyunjoo. She was late in seeing where Hyunjoo was, và by then her team was already full. Even though she was sad that she couldn’t be on the same team as Hyunjoo she still helped Hyunjoo to lớn find a team.

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Everyone wanted khổng lồ be on Jiwon’s team because the news was already spreading around the trainees that Jiwon got super boost in only 30 seconds. They also thought that Jiwon had it all but, actually, Jiwon said she knows she’s still lacking in dancing. The mentor even called her the blackhole in her team because she was always a beat late in the khiêu vũ. Jiwon kept practicing alone and no one helped her, one of the members said they couldn’t slow down the practice just because someone was lacking in the dance. Most of Jiwon’s team thành viên only wanted lớn be in her team because they wanted to lớn get more screen time because Jiwon is famous, and couldn’t be bothered lớn help her learn the dance.

Check the đoạn phim here!

Jiwon’s Future Plan


After her disbandment with Unit.T there’s hasn’t been any news talking about her schedule, và right now she’s not signed under any agency. She got offers from 20-30 agencies after her disbandment with Spica, but she said she couldn’t go because she was harboring scars from her old agency. As we know, she’s already failed multiple times because of the agency. Jiwon added “It was like trying khổng lồ start a new relationship; I had trouble starting up somewhere new, with so many thoughts about if this new agency would hurt me, or what this new person would be like.

Jiwon already said before that her dream from she was a kid is to be a singer, so she might keep pursuing this career without representatives or she might also become an actress because she has been in dramas before, such as Divorce Lawyer in Love sầu, Go Bachồng Couple and many more.

Lachạy thử News From Jiwon


Jiwon was having a reunion with the other Spica members in April, 2019. They reunited in a bar talk program, “Talk! Live.” All the members of Spica; Kyên Bo-ah, Park Si-hyun, Yang Ji-won, Park Na-rae, and Kyên ổn Bo-hyung appeared as the guest in that show. Kyên ổn Bo Hyung even posted a pholớn on her Instagram, of Spica’s members posed together with the MCs, H.O.T’s Tony Ahn and Lee Jae Won. On the caption she wrote, “Today was such a happy day that I cried… Thank you.

Recently there’s no news about Jiwon’s schedule, but she’s active sầu to lớn post on her Instagram (