Kem Nền Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Review


We have the Bourjois Healthy mix foundationL’Oreal True Match liquid foundation review for you! Acclaimed by many as few of the best drugstore foundations on today’s shelves, we have to lớn make a one-on-one comparison here as well as see how each could bring the best out of your skin type.

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Bourjois Healthy set Foundation Review

The Bourjois Healthy set foundation does not come with an SPF, whhaaaatt. So ladies out there, be sure lớn include sunscreen beneath this foundation.

Price & Size:  SGD$34.50 for 30ml (1 oz) available at Metro, John Little, certain Watson’s and other Major departmental stores in Singapore.

Consistency: Liquidy but not as runny as L’Oreal True Match’s consistency by a tiny bit.

Comfort: Weighs a little heavier than L’Oreal True Match naturally as the consistency is slightly thicker.

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Coverage: This is the interesting part; although this foundation banks on radiance, the finish is less of that in comparison lớn the L’Oreal foundation. It is less reflective and màu sắc appears more muted.



L’Oreal True Match foundation for Oily Skin? Not really but…

Both foundations come with a press pump but Bourjois would have had you fooled into thinking it comes in a larger form size than L’Oreal’s as the bottle is taller. They both contain typically 30ml of product.

For the purpose of these reviews, I have applied a single full pump of each foundation và took photos of them about slightly more than 6 hours apart at around the same times, under the same lightings. I did not dab off any sebum throughout these tests. Try not khổng lồ compare the initial shades of the two as they’re not in identical shades to begin with; I could only match the closest khổng lồ my skin tone (Bourjois in No.53 Light Beige, L’Oreal in N3 Nude Vanilla).

The obvious thing here is the fast oxidation of the L’Oreal True Match foundation. The difference in màu sắc is HUGE. I appear much darker even though its shade is slightly lighter than the shade I picked for Bourjois. So I don’t really get the “true match” part especially when true skin-matching is what they claim & with SPF 17 PA++ at that! The L’Oreal foundation is also a poorer oil absorber – the oily skin in the picture says it all. Seems lớn you there’re alot more things I don’t lượt thích about the L’Oreal True Match than the Bourjois Healthy phối foundation. They are, however, bearable for me. As far as skin-smoothening and the ease of wearing goes, my vote goes to lớn the L’Oreal True Match foundation. Never mind the dark greasy face after a few hours, at least it holds the key lớn masking my flaws và makes my skin breathe better for as long as it lasts.

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