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Known for their beautiful and luxurious foundation formulas, Armani Beauty is legendary for their flawless foundations. Several years ago, they came out with the Neo Nude Collection, which consisted of incredibly natural textures và finishes for a naturally glowing complexion. You can read my Review on some of these products here. I absolutely loved this collection that embraced natural beauty that enhanced the individual, instead of being bold & trendy. If you enjoy a natural & fresh look, you"re going to love this collection as much as I vày. I am beyond excited khổng lồ see a foundation released in this beautiful collection!


TheGiorgio Armani Beauty Neo Nude Foundation
retails for $40.00 USD & is available at Sephora and other retailers. This foundation is packaged in a beautiful soft nude colored squeeze tube. This nude color is consistent with the rest of the collection. The tube is very sleek and tubular in shape with a cap that has a shade indicator at the top of the cap, which is igiảm giá for makeup artists because you can store them upright & you can tell the shade even though the tube is opaque.

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This foundation currently comes in 24 different shades this is a much smaller shade range than their usual lineup of foundations but this shade range isn"t awful. Unfortunately, there will be gaps in the range và some people may need to choose their best match as opposed khổng lồ the exact match. Having used Armani foundations before, I have noticed that their shades vày vary quite a bit from formula to lớn formula and since this formula has a small shade range, you may find yourself choosing a shade slightly lighter or darker than your usual number.
I chose my shades blindly from the descriptions online và I was very torn about which shade I should have sầu gone with. I am, usually, the shade 6.5 but I was concerned that this range may lean too yellow & a bit dark so I went with the shade 6, which was also described as being warm-toned. I also bought the shade 5.5 because this one was described as neutral and I typically prefer a more neutral tone.

. - This shade is a light-medium beige with a very peachy undertone. I can see why this may be labeled as neutral because it isn"t a pink tone nor a yellow tone but this doesn"t suit my skin on its own. It is too light và peachy for my NC30-35 skin tone but I vì love it for mixing inkhổng lồ and neutralizing the shade 6.
6 - This shade is a warm medium rã shade with a yellow-golden undertone. This isn"t overly yellow, which I appreciate bit it does lean a touch more yellow than I"d prefer for my skin, so I actually like the look of 5.5 and 6 mixed together. This shade is probably my closest match and I"m glad I didn"t go for 6.5, which I know would lean even more yellow and be a bit deeper.
Swatches from left khổng lồ right:nguồn Fabric Foundation Balm 6.5,Neo Nude Foundation 5.5,Neo Nude Foundation6.5
The formula of this foundation is quite interesting & unique. It has the texture of a gel-cream moisturizer. The foundation squeezes out of the tube-lượt thích a light cream but as you blover the sản phẩm into lớn the skin, it feels very light và refreshing gel-cream. The texture feels exactly like a water cream! If you have ever tried these popular gel-cream moisturizers, they have a gel-cream texture but they melt inlớn the skin lượt thích water with this refreshing texture. The hàng hóa really glides on the skin & blends very easily, smoothing over skin with very little effort but leaving a beautiful finish to lớn the skin.

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The coverage of this foundation starts out light-medium và can build to medium-full coverage. I find that I need a second layer in some areas where I need a little extra coverage, lượt thích the redness around my nose và some veining on my cheeks. This buildable formula makes the foundation so versatile for a variety of skin types và makeup preferences.
The finish of this foundation is truly beautiful & exactly what I expect of this formula, it is fresh, radiant, and natural! I would definitely consider this foundation as dewy and glowy. It really gives the impression of very fresh, healthy, & youthful skin. It reminds me of the look you get when you just come from a facial, your complexion looks really fresh, glowing, & radiant but a natural radiance. This dewy finish will be a bit much for some people & I highlight recommover ordering with the Neo Nude Powder
, which will maintain that glow but just blot down the areas where you tover lớn get too shiny. The finish of this foundation will definitely have people asking you about how your skin looks so amazing.
For how glowy & dewy this foundation looks on the skin, it has an impressive sầu lasting power! It will last beyond 8 hours, without primer và powder. It didn"t notice fading with my foundation despite the fact that I was wearing on quite a hot day. When I didn"t powder my t-zone, I did notice myself looking a bit shiny by midday so, unless it"s winter, I"ll probably be powering my face a bit.
In this look, I mixed the shades 5.5 & 6 and I didn"t powder my skin, so you can see the true finish of this foundation. I also used the Neo Nude Blush, Highlighter, & Contour. Together, these products offer the most beautiful super fresh, & natural complexion.
I knew based on the Neo Nude products that I have sầu used before, that I would love this formula! I"m glad it didn"t disappoint me và it surpassed my extremely high standards for it.! Having tested quite a few luxury foundations & bases lately, I have to lớn say that this one is one of the best! Not only is the formula phenomenal but the price is very reasonable for a luxury foundation. Let"s just say that I have sầu tried foundations with a significantly higher price tag & a significantly disappointing formula.
The finish combined with the coverage of this foundation is perfection! Who knew you could get a natural and fresh complexion, PLUS coverage! I"m so happy with how this foundation wears và how it enhances my complexion without making it obvious that I"m wearing makeup. The texture of this foundation is truly one-of-a-kind! The water cream texture is so innovative sầu and refreshing on the skin! This foundation truly give sầu you that fresh, juicy, và bouncy skin you get from a facial! Since we"ve all been in isolation and I haven"t seen a faciacác mục in a long while, this fake-a-facial-foundation is all I want in my life! I HIGHLY recommover checking this foundation out!Shop Armani Beauty:
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