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Today’s nhận xét is on the Rimmel lasting Finish 25 hour foundation with comfort serum. This claims to lớn be a full coverage skin perfecting foundation và what intrigued me the most was that it states it will last 25 hours through sweat, heat and humidity. Since I would be doing hot yoga later this day, I thought it would be the perfect time to test out these claims.

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The Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation color that I used was in True Beige và I applied it with a beauty blender.

After application, I noticed that it evened out my skin tone and looked pretty natural. It was sticky khổng lồ the touch & was quite shiny as well. Since I vì have oily combination skin, I decided to lớn lightly apply a setting powder afterwards. Not too much as to affect the foundation too significantly.

It passed the flash photo demo for me, it looked great, even & natural.


After checking in a few hours after application, it felt fine and no sign of shininess. From a distance the foundation looks great on my skin. But once you take a closer look it looks very drying. It was evident once I took a closer look at my skin. You could see lines on my cheeks when I smiled.

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At the over of the night plus a session of Hot Yoga (where I was sweating profusely in a hot & humid room) I was surprised that the Rimmel 25 Hour Foundation stayed put and lasted through the humidity and heat. The only area where it disappeared was a place on my forehead due lớn a pose I did in class.

It was surprising that the foundation looked better on my skin after the Hot Yoga Class than it did during my first check in earlier in the day. I really didn’t lượt thích how the foundation looked lượt thích before class as it looked very dry.

All in all, I think that the Rimmel foundation did what it said it would do. I can only see myself using this foundation in hot and humid places that I may travel to like Hawaii or the Philippines. Otherwise, I wouldn’t reach for it khổng lồ use on a regular basis here in Washington.

Have you tried this foundation yourself? If so phản hồi below và letting me know your experience with the Rimmel London 25 Hour Foundation and also tell me what you’d like to see in my next blog post.


Sweat, Heat, Humidity Proof? Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour Foundation Review

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Rimmel London 25 Hour Foundation/ Beauty Blender


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