In fact, there are many people who are using quick skin whitening creams khổng lồ want khổng lồ improve their skin without learning about the origin và operation of these creams. A clear analysis of the skin"s abrasion mechanism và the harmful effects of mixing cream will help consumers avoid unfortunate consequences.

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Mixed cream is an accelerated whitening and beautifying cream that is mixed from many different ingredients including drugs, the cream usually contains vitamins E, aspirin, cortibion, becozyme and corticoids. Initially, using this cream can make the skin look beautiful, but the long-term consequences are difficult khổng lồ determine và even severely damage the skin. Corticosteroids in the cream will suppress the skin"s immune system, making the skin retain a lot of water, becoming white, smooth, & plump after only 24 hours of application. Mixed cream is often produced spontaneously and of unknown origin, where the manufacturer only needs to lớn fully prepare the above ingredients, then grind it finely và re-mix it with an approximate ratio khổng lồ have the finished cream sold. Outside the market. Formulas in ice cream are often untested and unhygienic in the preparation stage because there is no guaranteed production line.
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Kem trộn trắng da là nhiều loại kem làm cho trắng và đẹp da cấp tốc được pha trộn từ rất nhiều thành phần không giống nhau

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Firstly, the sophisticated labeling, swapping và attractive offers of manufacturers have made consumers unable khổng lồ recognize mixed cream products & mistakenly believe that they are using natural herbs, natural cream or skin medicine. In addition, these products are also recommended by celebrities, increasing their credibility, causing consumers to lớn become disoriented in choosing beauty products. Second, because the desire for beauty is so great that women defy the use of cream mixes to instantly improve their skin. After a few days instead of a few weeks of effective use, it will cause an "addiction" mentality that makes women unable to lớn give up these creams because it will make the skin immediately rough, irritated or breakout of acne.
The harm of using mixing cream is great và also many, such as: Unknown & untested origin makes the use of mixing cream dangerous for any skin. , easy to cause severe irritation Corticosteroids - the key ingredient in the cream causes blood vessels under the skin khổng lồ dilate, causing irritation, redness, denser facial hair, atrophy of the skin, & rashes Symptoms such as swelling, rashes, itchiness , dryness, pustules everywhere are inevitable after a few months of use. The toxic ingredients of the cream phối will gradually destroy the outer epidermis of the skin, creating conditions for fungi and parasites to grow.
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A fair skin is determined by the following factors: Race: yellow-skinned people will have a skin màu sắc ranging from type 3-5 according khổng lồ skin màu sắc grading Less exposure lớn sunlight Good endocrine according to The human phase, especially the menstrual cycle Skin care activities, diet, water supply to lớn the body So ​​raising skin tone depends on a lot of internal and external factors. There is no magic cream that can completely replace these activities. Khổng lồ be able to nourish a bright và healthy skin, women should take some of the following measures: Properly use sunscreen of clear origin và suitable for your skin type when leaving the house, avoid physical activity in the peak hot weather. Supplement vitamins và minerals in the diet, it is best khổng lồ consult the dietitian"s diet. Drink lots of water. Reasonable lifestyle and rest. Skin care properly & safely Please follow our website ( ) for more information on beauty tutorials that will be updated regularly by us.

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