Kiehl's rare earth deep pore cleansing masque review


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Best of Beauty2021, 2020
What It Is: An oil-absorbing clay maskWhat It Does: Reduces oil, shine, and blackheads and makes pores look smallerWho It's For: Normal lớn oily skin types

Acne was never an issue for me growing up. Those awkward teenage years involved a full phối of braces & puffy under-conditioned, curly hair, but rarely any major breakouts. So you could imagine my surprise when the red, irritated pimples known as cystic acne began to lớn appear around my chin & little bumps arrived on my cheeks in my mid-20s. Although they're two separate concerns, it was one product, the Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, that became my saving grace.

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My skin type is combination, so finding a clarifying mask that can penetrate my T-zone & absorb pore-clogging buildup from oils và dirt throughout the day was such a boon. I tover to lớn get dry and flaky along my laugh lines, resulting in unwanted red marks that I then cover with concealer which can dry my skin out… and the cycle continues. Thankfully, along with the clarifying stuff, Kiehl's included ingredients lượt thích oatmeal và aloe to lớn help soothe the irritation that often occurs for me with masks that make similar promises. 


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Here's how I use it: I pull my lion's mane of hair off my face with a headbvà, which allows me to lớn spread the creamy, gray mask all the way out to lớn my jaw & hairline. I'll sometimes treat my skin lớn a facial steam before applying the mask — I find this relaxes my pores và lets the mask penetrate even deeper. 

After steaming, I use my beloved silicone facial brush to lớn apply a thin layer of the mineral-rich Amazonian clay mask. Since it's quite thichồng lớn begin with, a little goes a long way. The mask gives off a faint, earthy clean scent that you might miss since the smell is so subtle. What you will notice is the tingling sensation, which I quite enjoy, as the mask hardens and dries.

Since this versatile mask also works as a spot treatment, I am able khổng lồ focus on my breakout areas (cheeks, chin, & nose). Think of this as spreading a laying of self-care on your acne-prone regions as you go about your day for 10 lớn 15 minutes. 

The removal process — the reveal, if you will — is the most satisfying part for me. Once the clay tightly dries onkhổng lồ (& in some ways, into) my skin, I continuously splash warm water onto lớn my face until the clay softens. As I gently rub in circular motions, the clay will begin khổng lồ fall off, và a clean, smooth, complexion is revealed.

After incorporating this mask into my skin-care routine twice a week, those tiny sebaceous bumps along my cheeks have sầu disappeared. And on the off-chance a breakout does occur, you better believe I'm reaching for this Deep Pore Cleansing Masque from Kiehl's. It's no surprise that it won an Best of Beauty Award for 20trăng tròn.