Kiko's matte lipstick formula will forever stay on trend


I have been using these Kiko Milano Velvet Passion Matte Lipsticks for around 7-8 months now and I feel like I have mixed feelings about these. When I got them initially, I absolutely loved them but over a period of time that love has tuned into a very lukewarm like, unfortunately. Here are my thoughts.

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These lipsticks have one of the best packaged lipsticks I have seen in affordable lipstick category. The body toàn thân is gold and grey which looks very classic và there is a weight to it. It feels heavy on the hand & feels luxurious. There is a magnetic closure for the caps, so they shut secured. I really lượt thích the very high chất lượng packaging. The lipstick bullet as well as the cap has the Kiko Milano logo engraved.


You will get 3.5 gm/0.12 oz of product, which is pretty standard.


I got these lipsticks from Kiko Milano Hong Kong, & after conversion they range anywhere between SGD 15-18 depending on store offers. I don’t exactly remember how much I got them for but I remember thinking that they are much cheaper than Maybelline or L’Oréal lipsticks.


Sadly, Kiko Milano is not officially available in Singapore & I have got all the products from Hong Kong. I have no idea why they don’t yet have a store here but I hope they will come here soon.



The shade range is a big plus for these lipsticks as the range is huge and everyone should be able khổng lồ find a perfect match.

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They give a matte look và finish to lớn the lips but the formula is not transfer proof or anything.


They have quite a good pigmentation but I find that you vì chưng have khổng lồ build up the color quite a lot, specially the lighter shades. I would say that they have decent pigmentation but the colour payoff is not the best. It’s very important to exfoliate the lips before application, because they have a tendency lớn stick to dry patches. And I have noticed that after 4-5 hours the màu sắc fades off quite a bit và starts lớn look a little patchy. Also, I feel that the colors are not completely opaque at one swipe or even after layering. Specially, if you have pigmented lips, like I do, then some of your natural lip màu sắc will show through a little bit. So, I find that they are not as opaque as I would like them khổng lồ be. I feel that maybe the deeper shades will look & perform much better on my skin tone. Out of the three, the deeper one is actually my favourite.

Overall, these have decent pigmentation but I wanted a little bit more colour payoff & opacity.


They are quite creamy, glide easily on the lips and bởi not change into completely matte formula so they are very comfortable to lớn wear. But, I have noticed they vị tend khổng lồ dry out my lips a bit after 4-5 hours, so I would say that these are comfortable for a few hours.



Swatches of Kiko Milano Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick shades 314, 316 và 304


Overall, I would say that these are good, pretty affordable, lipsticks but the colour-payoff is not the best and on my lips they are not very long wearing also. But, I love the colors which I have & will continue to wear them as a good daily wear lipstick, when I just need some colour on the lips but don’t want to lớn go all out. It’s a decent matte lipstick khổng lồ wear but don’t expect a lot out of it.

Hope you found this nhận xét helpful. Bởi let me know your thoughts on them, if you have tried them.