L'Oreal Infallible 24Hr

This is the first L'Oréal foundation I've ever tried. Normally I stiông chồng khổng lồ my trusted Revlon Colourstay in S& Beige (which is still the best colour match I’ve sầu ever found for my skin). But when I was mulling around Boots on my break a few weeks ago, I was seduced by a smiling sales girl with promises of a 2 for £12 offer on anything L'Oréal và a free lipstiông xã or nail varnish khổng lồ sweeten the deal. I was two weeks from payday with about £đôi mươi left lớn last, but who could resist that kind of offering?

The l& of YouTube had already taught me about L'Oréal foundations. Normally those who use the brvà will go straight for the True Match foundation, but medium coverage, dewy foundations have never been for me. I mean, come on, I have sầu spots khổng lồ cover people!

So I went instead lớn the lovely selection of Infallible Foundations, which come in two different finishes: 24 hour-matte and "stay fresh," which I'm assuming is the dewy equivalent. As I'm a fountain of oil to lớn begin with, I grabbed the 24hr-matte in the shade Vanilla, along with a True Match Toubịt Magique concealer và a không lấy phí Colour Riche lipstiông xã in Scarlet Creme, and went happily on my way.

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Work wasn't the best place to lớn try it out properly, và I doubt they would have been very happy about me taking an hour out khổng lồ remove my face & put it all back on again. Besides, my knock-off beauty blender was at home page so I decided to wait. However, I did notice in the daylight (well, the light of January in Northern England) that the swatch of the foundation on the back of my hand had dried down a little… pink. Not fuchsia pink but the pinky undertone that comes with pale foundations, it seemed strong in this one.

My heart sank, although I'm far from having the golden undertones of my dreams, I'm not 'that' pink. I prefer the ever so slightly yellowish tone of my beloved colourstay, even a slightly cool tone would vì, but this? This was salmon coloured (supermarket salmon that is, not the red Alaskan type).


Nonetheless I decided lớn give it a real go, perhaps my setting powder would tone out some of the pink, maybe my arm, which is more tanned than my face (if you can gọi my skin tanned in any sense of the word), was just making it show up pinker than it really was. Maybe it was just a triông chồng of the light! I hoped…

Back trang chủ, it was time to lớn try it out properly. I prepped my skin with the usual stuff, cleanser, moisturiser, primer (silicone-based as Infallible contains dimethicone) and got my damp beauty sponge. Just a side note, I don't use a genuine beauty blender; it's the same colour, shape & size as the real techniques beauty sponge, but I bought it cheap from eBay, almost definitely fake, but it works the same and saves a bit of money.


I squirted some of the foundation on the back of my hvà and got my sponge stuck in. Starting with my cheeks I started to blover up towards my nose và forehead & chin… you get the picture. Surprisingly, it actually blended in quite well, maybe a little dark but that's likely my fault for not buying the very lighdemo shade; Porcelain. The pink tinge certainly showed up, it wasn't as bad as I feared but I would have much preferred something more neutral.

It dried fairly quickly but allowed enough time khổng lồ avoid clumpy foundation patches. If you don't use powder to lớn phối your face, then this would be a great option as it doesn't stay wet or tacky at all. Those of you with very dry skin or skin conditions that cause dry or flaky patches on the face may want khổng lồ stay clear as I definitely noticed it clinging khổng lồ dry skin around a healing spot on my cheek. Nothing too terrible though, & certainly nothing that wouldn't happen with powder anyway. I was able to lớn blkết thúc my concealer in over the top with ease, and since then I've tried it with both liquid & cream concealers (the kind in the little jars), both blover in perfectly.


The finish was fantastic, perfectly matte with a smooth texture. Over the uneven texture where I tkết thúc khổng lồ break out the foundation helped khổng lồ skim it out, probably because of the silicones in the formula. I was really impressed by the kết thúc result especially as I tover to find other foundations get a little cakey around the sides of my nose & up in the corner of my eyes. There was none of that with Infallible.

The coverage was a little disappointing. It's definitely on the side of full coverage so credit for that, but I could still see spots through the foundation. Even with green colour corrector and concealer I could still see where my skin was uneven. From a one-metre distance, it looked fine so unless you get up cthua trận và personal with everyone you meet then the coverage is okay, but cthất bại up it's definitely not 100%. Saying that, not many foundations bởi vì cover the skin lớn the degree I want them too.


The bottle boasts 24-hour wear, something I always tover to doubt. While I can imagine the foundation lasting that long, the real demo is whether it still looks good after that length of time. Unfortunately, that's not something I'm about lớn trial out since I don't fancy sleeping in my makeup. It might be useful for overnight flights or impromptu nights out that stretch into the morning but for me, that kind of situation is few & far between. I can say that it lasts a full day at work and into the evening, it also lasts a day out on the weekkết thúc, even if kids are involved.

It wears pretty well; some foundations can leave sầu patches on me after a few hours as I have a horrible habit of touching my face. Constantly. But Infallible can hold its own here, admittedly behind a layer of setting powder, but it's still impressive. On the bottle, it claims to lớn be waterproof. It's not. They can clayên that it's waterproof because it contains dimethicone, a silicone with waterproofing properties. However, I found that the foundation easily left patches around my eyes and nose as they ran in the cold weather. One day I spent my whole morning at work with a huge bare skin patch under my eye. This foundation is definitely not waterproof.

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The impact on the skin wasn't as bad as it might have been. While some full coverage foundations can cause breakouts, this one proved pretty reliable. In the interests of full disclosure, I did get a couple of smaller spots while using this, most were on the surface & not too much of a problem. One was deeper, và I still haven't been able lớn pop it. Yet there's no guarantee that these were caused by the foundation as I break out pretty much constantly anyway; could have sầu been hormones, primer, bacteria on my sponges or brushes… anything. If you are prone to lớn spots, pimples, acne or general breakouts then you might want to lớn thử nghiệm this out carefully. If not, then there's little danger of this foundation harming your skin.

Although I can't give credit to lớn the foundation, the coverage is much better with plenty of concealer on top.

If you have sầu mature skin, you may want lớn be careful và apply in a thin layer. I have sầu a few fine lines on my forehead và under my eyes where the foundation did settle even with the primer, on the other hand, I've sầu never found a foundation or even a BB cream that didn't vị that. It's worth trying out if you have sầu redness or other imperfections to lớn cover, but if lines & wrinkles are your main concern, then you might be better off with a thinner & more flexible formula.

Drier skin would also be better off with a less drying formula; I imagine anyone with dry skin already knows how matte foundations can work on their skin so I won't spover too much time here. Maybe try the Infallible Stay Fresh formula if your skin tends lớn fall on the dry side.

The packaging isn't the greatest; it's in a plastic bottle which you squeeze to get the foundation out, a little like a moisturiser bottle. It's clear, so you get an idea of the colour but keep in mind it does dry darker! The baông chồng has a handy little guide indicating the finish, coverage và texture (something I wish would spread to lớn all foundations), & the front boasts the name of the foundation and the colour. All in all, it's a little disappointing especially as the stay fresh formula comes in a lovely glass bottle with a pump lớn avoid all the foundation drying up và clumping around the lid (or spout maybe?). If you want a pretty display bottle, you'd be better buying something else, but foundations aren't usually great display pieces anyway.

It's great value for money, at £7.99 for 35ml it's a little bigger than most foundations & the price is about right for a 'drugstore' offering. It's not going to lớn break the bank and the bottle will last quite a while, if you only use a small amount it will last even longer. I use quite a considerable quantity & in the two weeks, I've been using this I've sầu barely noticed it going down.

The final look, you can see the coverage has failed around the eyes although the texture and finish are impressive.

All in all, it's a pretty good foundation. The coverage is decent although not perfect, the texture & finish are lovely, the price point is ikhuyến mãi, it doesn't clog up badly around the eyes and nose & it's perfectly matte. It's probably not great for dry or mature skin or anyone with sensitive sầu skin prone to lớn breakouts. Likewise, it's not going to be any use at all for those with darker skin (except maybe as a contour highlighter) as the colour range is very limited & geared towards lighter skin tones. It's also pink, even some of the other shades I've swatched come out pink so be careful if you have a warmer skin tone as it may clash with your natural skin và be difficult lớn blend out the edges. But for the price, and if you're cool-toned, normal to oily và light but not too pale then this might just be the one for you.

Have you ever tried L'Oréal Infallible Matte? Maybe you've had a different experience or noticed something that I've sầu missed here. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Dee on July 18, 2018:

A frikết thúc recommended this. I am 75 & it is a definite NO. my winkles looked magnified and the shade, I tried khổng lồ match , was way too pale, I picked #302, wrong trang điểm and shade for me. I researched the br& & it has great Reviews but this sản phẩm is not for me.

I usually use cover girl bb cram foundation & was looking for something with just a bit more coverage.