True Match super-blendable liquid foundation perfectly matches the giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnlour & texture of your skin, hiding imperfections with its fine, creamy texture. The result Flawless giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnverage. Oil-free & non-giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnmedogenic.

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I’ve always been someone to lớn spend a lot of money on foundation until I heard so many great reviews of this foundation. I had khổng lồ give it a try & it did not disappoint. It goes on really sheer but once it drys on the skin it has a really nice finish. Safe khổng lồ say a foundation that is great for daily wear with buildable giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnverage.

Tips: kiểm tra out the trang web for an idea of your skin tone. It helped me to lớn find a giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnlour in store knowing my skin tone.

Glides on, makes my skin feel super moisturised. Excellent giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnverage and highly doubt I would ever change

I really lượt thích this product. Perfect & seamless giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnlour match .Especially on my fair skin.Often it"s hard lớn find that match.Smooth giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnmplexion và finish.

I have pale but olive skin, so it is quiet hard khổng lồ find a shade that doesn’t make me either look too white or too yellow. This foundation matched so well & also lasted a long time before it started lớn oxidise. Can be slightly shiny, so I use powder on top & to give slightly more giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnverage.

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Not a full giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnverage foundation, but gets the job done. I use it as my everyday go-to. However I find that it can look oily very quickly, which is a shame, especially on đứng top of sunscreen.

I love this foundation in the giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnoler months - it makes your skin look smooth & perfect. In the warmer weather however, I find that it can look oily very quickly, which is a shame. The giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnlour variety is extensive, which is great.

I had family members talking this foundation up like they were CEO of L"Oréal và after months of giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnnvincing me, I jumped right in & I wasn"t disappointed. The only problem I had was the shade range, it is massive! There were 3 giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnlors that were close lớn my shade và I picked the one in the middle which was Golden beige. I was so lucky because the shade was 100% my giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnlor.

The pump is great, it dispenses a small amount, smaller than a pea size. It can be applied with either a sponge or a brush, both work just as good as the sản phẩm just absorbs into the skin without any effort.

For a light no makeup makeup look I use 1 pump mixed with my moisturizer that has spf in it và apply it with a brush.

For medium giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnverage I use 2 pumps & for Full giaithuongtinhnguyen.vnverage I use 3 pumps, I start with a brush và then lớn be absolutely sure its secure I go in with a sponge và dab.

After my foundation is applied I go in with loose powder to set my t zone as I get oily through the day. Cảm biến ups are effortless & you cant see any trace or reapplication.

Prior to using this I spent at least $70 on foundations, I was surprised that for $22 it not only matched my skin perfectly but was so easy lớn apply for a drugstore foundation. The only downfall is the need lớn reapply after 6-8 hours of wear time, but for the price & how easy it is khổng lồ reapply its not that much of a big giảm giá khuyến mãi for me.

Now I see why my family love this foundation so much & I wish I had tried it a lot sooner. Highly regiaithuongtinhnguyen.vnmmend!

Tips: My other foundation shade for different brands are:Nars sheerglow : StromboliEstee lauder doublewear: 3w1 TawnyMac: NC35