Laneige water bank moisture cream review


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According to lớn Zoolander philosophy — moisture being the essence of wetness and wetness being the essence of beauty — a little, blue, glass jar of Laneige’s Water Bank Moisture Cream is brimming with beauty. My thirsty face can attest khổng lồ that. Despite my best & most hydrating efforts, my epidermal barrier hasn’t exactly emerged from the throes of winter completely unscathed. The tight, stretched skin on my cheeks và under my eyes couldn’t be quenched without the help of several hydrating serums, occlusive moisturizers, and face oils, which in turn would clog my dry pores, creating an upsetting full bộ of dehydrated yet congested skin.

The last time I got a facial (about a month ago), my esthetician said that my skin was “extremely dehydrated,” which besides being extremely rude, was more disappointing và a personal embarrassment for me, a dedicated skin-care disciple. Too many chemical exfoliants and not enough hydrators & sealants basically gave sầu me glass-appearing skin that just happened khổng lồ devoid of moisture. It’s lượt thích chugging fruit juice when what your toàn thân really wants is Gatorade.

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Anyway, in my quest for moisture (& wetness and beauty), I remembered Laniege’s reputation as an authority on all things wet, especially when it comes lớn K-beauty (and if anyone knows glass skin, it’s Koreans, duh). The brand's Sleeping Paông chồng was one of my first intros khổng lồ a Korean skin-care routine and I enjoyed it thoroughly, so I assumed the moisturizer would also be firmly on team hydro. And I was correct.

The Water Bank Cream is a great balance between lightweight & effective moisturizing. It doesn’t feel heavy, & yet makes my skin feel thoroughly plumped as a last step in my evening skin-care routine. How does it do this? By leading its own agenda using a patented “Hydro Ionized Mineral Water,” which deploys an A-team of zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and sodium khổng lồ not just hydrate but lớn maintain hydration levels và prevent future moisture loss. (I suppose it’s lượt thích a loss-prevention plan for moisture — dryness is the perp and Laneige is a cop with no sense of humor.)

Using this moisturizer under my sunscreen và makeup in the daytime and as a last step in my nighttime skin-care routine for a week did me the huge favor of flooding the dehydrated husk of my skin with a silky, squishy, moisturized version of my face that plumped out the little wrinkles under my eyes when I smile & turned my cheeks into lớn velvety pillows. My makeup looked & wore better on my skin và I didn’t have sầu that tight feeling around my forehead & eyes when I emoted with my facial muscles. I did discover that using this in conjunction with a hyaluronic acid serum underneath & cutting back on the chemical exfoliants in general were big contributors lớn those results. And, thankfully, the hydration levels of the Water Bank Cream made my previously requisite “sealant” layer of face oil redundant — & thus my pores remain unclogged. Two birds, one moisturizer!

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