Blackmores Natural vi-ta-min E Cream + Lanolin (50g)
When you come across the brand Blackmores, the first thing that comes to lớn your mind is supplement pills? do you know that, Blackmores have moisturizing cream as well? Come join me in discovering Blackmores Natural vitamin E Cream + Lanolin. At first, I am a little skeptical. Because it comes with a thick cream texture, I am afraid it will cause outbreak to my skin. But after using them for almost 2 weeks now, it does helps lớn maintain my skin moisture. It is especially great khổng lồ keep my skin moisturize overnight in air-con room. About Blackmores Natural vitamin E Cream + LanolinBlackmores Natural vitamin E Cream + Lanolin is a richsoothing moisturizing cream that does the following:Protectreplenish skin.Natural source of Vitamin E in the cream helps to maintain skin health. Provides antioxidant that protect the skin"s cell from harmful compound while having skin conditioning effect.

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Lanolin derived from sheep wool, soothe and soften skin.Protect skin from loss of moisture.Contain no artificial màu sắc or fragrances. Suitable for:Dry Skin.People expose to lớn dry environment.People who wants to lớn protect skin from loss of moisture.
Go lớn Blackmores website for more information.How khổng lồ use Blackmores Natural vitamin E Cream + Lanolin?
After cleansing, gently mas sa a small amount of cream evenly on face, hands or body. For best results use twice daily.My ReviewBlackmores vi-ta-min E cream!!! Blackmores got skin care products too?? Yes...this is my first reaction when I get hold lớn this Blackmores Natural vitamin E Cream + Lanolin. Because I always thought Blackmores only sells supplements.So it got me surprise and curious about this skin care product.First look at their packaging, it looks more lượt thích a toothpaste khổng lồ me.
Blackmores Natural vitamin E Cream + Lanolin
The vitamin E Cream came in a tube.

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Vitamin E Cream came in a 50g tube.
It has a thick cream texture. No fragrance smell too.
Thick cream texture.
Easy lớn press tube.
At first, I am a little skeptical. Because it comes with a thick cream texture. Therefore, I use it as my hand and body cream. Works well especially on the dry elbow area.And I also realize although it is thick, it is not really oily at all.Using it as a day moisturizer on my face is still too much for my skin. But I realize it can be used as my moisturizer before bedtime. Especially so when I sleep in air-con room almost everyday.
Great as a toàn thân and hand lotion as well as a night moisturizer.
Having been using it for 2 weeks now, it does help to lớn maintain my skin moisture. I now wake up with my skin still feeling supple, not too oily or too dry. Where lớn buy it?
It is retailing for a price of S$19 per tube. Should be able lớn get it from the Blackmores flagship store in Parkway Parade. Saw it selling at Lazada online store too. Where to lớn redeem sample?No samples at the moment for this product. :( Disclaimer: Products were provided for personal review purposes only. All đánh giá are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.