From The Dub 2 The World 2016 By Lil Shady


Lil Shady is a hip hop rap artist & songwriter bred from the urban streets of Warren, Ohio, a đô thị riddled with heroin overdoses, và once synonymous with police brutality và teen pregnancies.

He entered this world on June 18th, 1982, into lớn the arms of two loving parents & surrounded by a big family.

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His mother was a factory worker & his father a construction worker. As a hobby, Lil Shady’s father was also a DJ in the local community. His father’s affinity lớn the rhythms of his generation exposed Lil Shady at an early age to a variety of musical sounds. By the age of 14, Lil Shady was hooked on the beats và voices of his time.Like many urban youth, he faced bitter challenges from the negative forces in his neighborhood.

His experiences of jail time, having little to no money and the terrible, untimely loss of his Dad in 2011, took a toll on his spirit. Being one of six children, Lil Shady knew he had to carry a huge load.

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He was determined to be the shining example for his younger siblings. Allowing them to fall inlớn the same traps he was subjected to lớn on his journey of coming inlớn his own manhood was not an option.Once he got started, there was no stopping hyên ổn from getting to lớn studio sessions & leaving it all on the mic và in the booth.Life’s obstacles knocked him down, but he got right back up each time with a mindphối instilled in hyên ổn by his aunt La Tasha in a quote she often uses of Grammy recording artist, Usher, that “Sometimes you have sầu to go through something lớn get to something.”

Keeping that in mind and the lyrical genius of his musical influence, the late great 2Pac Shakur, he diligently moved forward on his path to success journaling his testimony in his songs.Along the way, Lil Shady has worked with several artists such as Jay Five sầu, Lisa Elzy, Young Trajik, Murdah 1, Bizarre from D12 và many more. Some of his performances include opening for Fat Al, Devin the Dude, D-12, Tech Nine and Ray Jr. He had also formed a group called 3-Thirty with fellow rappers Young Frizzle, Supreme, Pudge, Mac Sleeze and LX.

In 2010, he decided khổng lồ explore solo opportunities và released a solo project calledSpaceship Chroniclez.As he continued khổng lồ grind out his work, he joined forces with Money 1st Entertainment. Out of this relationship, he releasedCertifiedandHoodfellazmixtape projects.Shady’s work ethic is serious và authentiđô thị is one primary rule he stands by.

“The main thing I will do is always be real in what I rap about…” says Lil Shady. He continues, ”If I haven"t lived it, done it or experienced it in any type of way, you won"t hear me rapping about it.”Stay…Don’t Leave Meft Q Parker from 112, the first single off his new project,From the Dub 2 the World, tells the story of a ride or die woman in love with a man that is maturing as their relationship flourishes & although she keeps leaving, she takes hyên right back.Now, he proclaims his love sầu and loyalty lớn only her.This tuy vậy is the perfect segue inlớn the direction Lil Shady’s life is heading in not only personally but musically.It’s grown man season and Lil Shady is here for it. Cliông xã link below!