LipIce Sheer Colour Review
Finally found the time to write a little on LipIce Sheer Colour & sinceLipIcehas been very much well known as THE lipbalm to lớn trust to resolve chapped lips, i decided to write a little đánh giá on it. Being the No.1 Lip care brand in Malaysia, they"ve finally launched an upgradedLipIceSheer Colour in April 2016. So if youre here wondering about how theLipIceSheer Colour is different than your usual lipbalm, scroll away to lớn read on my write up.

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Some information on the LipIce Sheer Color
From the title of itself, this lip balm has been designedto work lượt thích magic on the lips where the colour changes to a natural sheer pink chất lượng to suit and enhance a person"s lips naturally. The new và improved formula features an tăng cấp of Beeswax và argan Oil formula which provides 10 hours of moisturizing properties that also helps lớn brighten dull lips to reveal healthy, pink lips. Now, with just one swipe, you can now achieve fuller and bouncy lips! Apart from that, theLipIceSheer Colour us also infused with Commiphora Mukul Herb Extract lớn smoothen fine lines & keep the lips bouncy. YAY!
A close up shot of the lip balm
TheLipIceSheer Colour contains natural moisturizing ingredients such as Shea Butter, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Aloe Extract to keep lips soft, smooth và healthy. It also contains effective anti-oxidant vitamin E lớn protect the lips against the harsh environment.

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To celebrate the new formulation of the LipIce Sheer Colour launch,LipIcehas appointed Kim Jae-Kyung as its brand ambassador. KIM JAE KYUNG FANS, yên ổn sure you"re more than happy about this news.
Before applying LipIce Sheer Colour
Applying LipIce Sheer Colour
As a verdict, i would say that this is a great lip balm to lớn bring around as it has been proven khổng lồ give 10 hours of moisture while giving your lips a brighter fuller finish. I admit that I don"t wear lipstick especially when my lips are dry, but thanks to the existence of LipIce Sheer Color, it helps khổng lồ repair my chapped lips while provided that extra boost of a natural shade lớn my lips without leaving it looking too dead. Hehe. TheLipIceSheer màu sắc is available in three variants namely Strawberry, Shimmer & Fragrance-Free & are priced at RM15.80 each. It"s available at all leading pharmacies & major supermarkets outlets. For more updates, be sure to follow their facebook page athttps://www.facebook.com/MyLIPICE.