Lords Of The Fallen Review

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Platform Win, PS4, Xbox One
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Developer Deck13 Interactive
Release Date Oct 28, 2014

For the past five sầu years, we’ve witnessed a resurgence in punishingly difficult fantasy action games, led by Japanese developer From Software và its Souls series. Many titles have gravitated toward lessons learned from games lượt thích Demon’s Souls & Dark Souls, but no one has so brashly và blatantly copied From’s successful formula until now.

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That part’s not so surprising, but Lords of the Fallen is a shocker in other ways. The balance between challenge và frustration in this type of game is delicate, as are the relationships between systems of loot, character growth and cấp độ kiến thiết under the surface. It requires some real skill to not screw it up.

I wouldn’t have expected that màn chơi of mastery from Deck13 Interactive sầu, a German developer that’s never demonstrated a proficiency for creating complex role-playing games. Lords of the Fallen is far from perfect, but it is a worthy reproduction of everything that has brought hard games baông chồng inlớn style.


On the one hand, it dodges the frustration that can come with repeated, trial-and-error boss encounters. But on the other I sometimes ended a major fight with a shrug of "huh, that’s it?" rather than the sense of elation that games lượt thích Demons and Dark Souls provide at their best.

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Lords of the Fallen provides frustration elsewhere. While it has well-designed systems và a great (if somewhat tiny) world maps that twists và folds in on itself with shortcuts và hidden passages, it also has a distinct laông chồng of technical polish. On both console & PC versions of the game, I ran into lớn numerous crashes — sometimes robbing 10-plus minutes of progress — & plenty of moments where the framerate became noticeably impaired.

In one particularly aggravating instance, I was able to replicate a bug where the PC version of Lords of the Fallen crashed every time my character was mix on fire by a specific attachồng in a specific trùm battle. I ended up sticking to lower-damage ranged attacks for the whole battle just so the game wouldn’t shut down on me. I’m glad the option was there lớn allow me to lớn sneak past this major bug, but it almost ruined my time with the game after over 20 hours spent on it.

Wrap Up: Lords of the Fallen is a successful twist on an established formula

I say almost because, even in the face of near-game-ending bugs, my time with Lords of the Fallen wasn’t ruined. It largely succeeds in both imitation & with its svào variations on the formula. Lords of the Fallen is derivative; there’s no doubt about that. But it’s also a surprising show of skill & hopefully a sign of much brighter things to lớn come.

Lords of the Fallen was reviewed using an early reviewable download code for PC. We also spent some time with an early debug copy of the PlayStation 4 version of the game as well as a final "retail" downloadable copy on Xbox One. You can read more about giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn"s ethics policy here.