"98.8% fine dust cleansing is a basic! Deep cleansing foam that washes away impurities on the pores ‘to lớn improve the appearance of blackheads’"

"98.8% fine dust cleansing is a basic! Deep cleansing foam that washes away impurities on the pores ‘khổng lồ improve sầu the appearance of blackheads’"

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Micro deep cleanser lớn remove sầu particulate matter and dirt that may be clogging pores

Micro Deep Cleansing Foam



Clinically proven effect of

removing particulate matter


Self-purification capability of lotus

for pore cleansing


Safe 7-FREE formula

1) 시험대상자 : 20~35세 (평균 25.5, n=32)2) 시험기간 : 2018년 9월 17일, 18일3) 시험기관 : 아이이씨코리아㈜

Lotus Cationic Polymer Complex™ to wash away particulate matter

LOTUS ANTI-PM COMPLEX ™combining three lotus extracts và cationic polymer washes offparticulate mattervà leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

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The mechanism of magnetism for the powerful absorption of particulate matter

Inspired by the magnet mechanism, uses cationic polymer that strongly absorbs particulatematter with a negative sầu charge lớn remove sầu them from the skin.

Mild formula and brightening effect

Lotus extract and micro-sizedkaolin gently cleanse the skinwith an extra brightening effect.

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Deep pore cleansing

Gentle pore cleansing và removing blackheads inside pores with soft natural konjac for a bright complexion through cleansing
Lotus leaf capable
of keeping itself clean at all times

The lotus leaf surface has thousands of micro projections on top of projections lớn protect itself from dirt and mud và at the same time, prevent loss of water from within.

From flower lớn root,the entire plant of lotus into lớn the formula puts the entire lotus, from the flower,with its anti-wrinkle & brightening effects, to root powder for skin firming, nourishing, and even the seed with its moisturizing and skin barrier strengthening benefits,và anti-oxidant effect, inlớn the cleansing formula.

LotusflowerextractAnti-wrinkleBrighteningLotusrootpowderNourishingFirmingLotusseedStrengthening the skin’s barrierMoisturizingAnti-oxidant

7-FREEGentle & mild cleansing

Free from animal ingredients, mineral oil, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, silicone oil, synthetic pigment and sulfate surfactant!

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