Maybelline super bb cream ultra cover review


For those who don’t lượt thích using foundation every day or never, at all, the Korean beauty industry has really blessed us with the creation of the BB cream. And a decade after they released it, many western brands have sầu now followed or rather copied this product like Maybelline. Admittedly, their first attempt with BB cream sucks. They clalặng it will give you flawless skin but personally, I find the shades và formula look unflattering on the skin. But with this second attempt, did they live sầu up to lớn the standard BB cream expectations? Scroll down to read my Maybelline Super BB Cream Fresh Matte đánh giá lớn know more.

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A little info about BB creams, if you’re still not familiar with it (you probably live under a rock), BB Creams are make-up & skin care in one. It is also commonly known as the supercharged moisturizer. BB stands for “Blemish Balm” and was originally prescribed lớn post-surgery patients in Korea. Celebrities caught on how effective sầu the medicated make-up was in improving the skin’s texture & overall chất lượng, it eventually became a commercialized product; now renowned in beauty counters around the world over.



Maybelline Super BB Cream Fresh Matte is the brands first matte-finish BB cream. It claims lớn provide high coverage with a lightweight and non-greasy feel; helps even out skin tone with color-correcting minerals; leaves a shine-không tính phí finish that won’t feel dry or look flat; delivers intense hydration with 80% water essence, blended water lily and aloe vera extract; protects with SPF 25.


APPLICATION: After applying a sunscreen (yes, I still apply a layer of it even though products claim they already have sầu sunscreen. It’s because I live in a tropical country and products with add-on sunscreen are not enough), apply an appropriate amount the face & blover evenly.

SCENT: It smells a little floral lượt thích rose but it’s a mild scent.


PACKAGING: It is packaged in a sleek-looking chrome tube. I like BB creams in a tube because you can squeeze out everything in it và you cut it in half to scrape everything out.

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FORMULA: This is the most lightweight BB cream I’ve ever used. It’s creamy but the formula is not that thiông xã, it’s lượt thích water when you blend it on your face. And I think the reason for that is it contains 80% water essence. You can kiểm tra its ingredients in this CosDNA Analysis.


RESULT: So far, this is the best BB cream I ever used for oily skin. It has a matte finish but it does not look dry nor highlights my dry patches even though I didn’t layer it with moisturizer. It feels light and doesn’t look cakey as well no matter how many layers I applied, it really looks natural yet my skin looks healthy, moisturized that isn’t dewy, unlike most BB creams especially those from Korean brands that look way too dewy for oily skin.

But just like most BB creams on the market, this also has two shades only. The 02 Natural shade, which is a little darker than the other, surprisingly matches my brown skin tone. The coverage is really good too. I thought it wouldn’t be able lớn cover my dark spots that much because Maybelline also released a Super BB Cream with Super Cover which is more pigmented than this one but Super BB Cream Fresh Matte effectively made my skin look smooth & flawless.

On the left-hand side, my skin looks oily & my acne scars/dark spots are really visible. While on the right-hand side, is when I applied the BB cream và the finish looks lượt thích I used some kind of camera filter. DISCLAIMER: I had better lighting on the right pholớn because I took this phokhổng lồ in the Cinema’s restroom when after I watched the Star Wars: The Last Jedi


PROS: It’s lightweight and matte finish without looking dewy. It looks natural, gives good coverage, & doesn’t cake despite using many layers. Lastly, it contains 80% water essence so it’s moisturized enough for those with oily skin và SPF 21 so it’s good for your skin.

CONS: It doesn’t last long unlượt thích regular matte foundations, but hey! We can’t have sầu it all, but I think 3-4 hours staying power (if you set it with a powder lượt thích Inniskhông lấy phí No-Sebum Mineral Powder) is not bad.


I bought my Maybelline Super BB Cream Fresh Matte in SM Department Store’s beauty section for the discounted price of Php349 but their regular price is Php399. (Maybelline have sầu a holiday promo so go there now before it ends!) This is also available in Watsons and Beauty MNL for the same price of Php399.

If you live outside of the Philippines, you can try your local drugstores and Department Stores.

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